The Doors to the Church of Belchite.

(1/80, F6.3, iso-200, 12mm)


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  1. I wanted to dig deeper into the past and explore your early archives. I bet that this was not only an amazing photographic experience (and the photo vouches for that), but also the real physical and spiritual one. I just love your composition and edit. Excellent choice for this structure in decay. A sense of desolation conveyed successfully.

    • Feels like you really know how to ยดreadยด my photos and like I said, so cool to see some of my older stuff, definitely will take a thorough look myself for when I put up a new website. This place is one of my dearest and indeed spiritual experiences i went back to many times; went to this huge abandoned village of Belchite, destructed by the civil war, before sunset and just sat there and walked around these ruins, occasionally making a photo, but that was defintiely secondary. After many visits that added up to quite some ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Thank you, Paula, hope your health is getting better, big hug from KL

    • Well, this is my favorite, dark, depressing but above all impressive abandoned place around Zaragoza. Some movies like THe Adventures of Baron von Munchhausen en especially Pan’s Labyrinth made good use of the amazing visual possibilities there; if you ever get the chance, be there early or late in the day, cuz alone (not that I ever saw more than 3 other people around the huge ruined village with two churches like this) and with the right light this is an amazing experience!

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