Last building standing before total destruction at old garage, Zaragoza.

(1/125, F9, ISO100, 10mm)


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    • Oh, when I see photos of myself from years ago I think I would have done it so differently if I encountered the same scene now and also the feeling in the postprocessing has definitely changed; guess these are changes and hopefully improvements I made over that time šŸ˜‰

      • That is the beauty of art, isn’t it? It is never the same. Not for the artist, over the course of their own life interacting with their work, and not for the viewer who may feel differently each time they view the piece. It’s what I love about art, in general. Photographs, multi-media, paintingā€¦. it all changes from moment to moment for each person who interacts in this present “now” with it. You have a beautiful eye for color and composition. I love strolling around your site. Best of fortunes, my friend.

        • Thats very true, especially over the course of our lives are view of things and therefor every piece of art changes constantly…
          Thanks for taking such an interest, Noelle, thats so flattering and enthousiasing (if thatĀ“s a word?!)
          Have a great week, my friend

    • Ahh, another oldie, so cool, Noelle, you reviewd this one, love to see some of my old ones again,its been almost 500 photos by now, so lots i havent seen for a long time šŸ˜‰
      Also funny ot see that I think I would definitely do some other stuff in postprocessing!
      Thanks a lot and greetings, Ron.

      • I know. It’s like getting to be an audience to your own work. I am not dissatisfied with my photographs. I do, however, have perfect grammar months after I’ve written something. Then, out of the blue, the skills I completely lacked when a piece was written are suddenly available to me. Ah, se la vie….. We live in an imperfect world and there is peace in knowing we, too, are imperfect. Namaste, y friend.

        • Definitely feel like being your own audience and like you said about your writing, ofcourse the basis has to be good with photography, but when it comes to postprocessing, sometimes I just donĀ“t see where to start or end, so IĀ“ll leave it to it and then weeks, months, years later I have an idea of what it should look like (if it doesnt already ;); but then I also think itĀ“s nice ot find out my creativity improved and I learned something over that periodā€¦
          NamastƩ to you too, amiga

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