The Old Guitarist

Roadtrip 18 january 2012 10:59 AM : Graffiti in Tudela that reminded me of my favorite Picasso painting
The Old Guitarist.

(1/125, F9, ISO100, 12mm)


9 thoughts on “The Old Guitarist

    • Agreed, I call Art like this Graffiti, most of the things you see is more tagging in my vocabulary!
      Look for the Granada graffiti-artist Nino de las Pinturas, have some via categories>graffiti or elsewhere, my favorite…

      • Thanks, I did look at the work of el Nino de las Pinturas, and agree that is more like “traditional graffiti”. I lived in NYC when graffiti exploded on the streets and subways cars (not in a good way at the time, lol) so I always tend to associate it with that. Must say, I always enjoyed it–ok maybe not always…LOL

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