El Escritor

Street art series #5 : another piece by El Niño de las Pinturas in Granada.

(1/100, F6.3, ISO100, 10mm)


7 thoughts on “El Escritor

  1. I thought the first one in this series was spectacular and was going to be my favorite, but this one is amazing. What’s your policy on linking? Can I put this on my blog (with credit to you, of course)?

    • Sure you can, I’m honored you like it that much, cuz at least I did something composition anglewise with this one 🙂
      We aren’t that far apart as favorites concerned, the eyes are pretty intriguing for me though…

  2. There are so many good artists who are unknown it makes you wonder if their work ever gets to see the light of day. Good catch.

    • True! But El Nino is doing ok, i guess, he hays a book out and just today i went to an exhibition around the corner in the centro historias de zaragoza, where they had young spanish street artists on, and he was one of em, lots of work in South America and around the globe as well, all commisioned I hope, although the once I’m showing are more to brighten up his home neighourhood!

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