The Eyes of Semana Santa II

Another look into the eye(s) behind the mask during
Semana Santa 2012 in Zaragoza.

(1/125, F5.6, ISO200, 214mm)


24 thoughts on “The Eyes of Semana Santa II

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  2. Another ‘perfect’ shot. The detail is unbelievable – the texture of the skin and the material, and also the eye itself, of course. Add to this the positioning of the eye within the picture, and the colour contrast with the black surround, and I think it completes a perfect image.

    • Thanks very much, Louis! And I”m very happy with everything you noticed about it, cuz those were the things I hoped other people saw as well. As I’m having a little trouble with calibrating my laptop-monitor lately I’m not always sure about color, contrast, sharpness and all, so I appreciate your comments very much, but please be honest when it isn’t in one of these aspects as well…

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