The Eyes of Semana Santa IV

Blue hats and brown eyes was the most common sight during
Semana Santa 2012 in Zaragoza.

(1/160, F5, ISO200, 109mm)


7 thoughts on “The Eyes of Semana Santa IV

  1. I think the present series is working very well and they are all superb photos. I’ve wondered about a gallery shot eventually showing several pairs of eyes simultaneously, but without a mock-up its difficult to know whether it would work.

    • Thanks very much for your support, Louis! Not totally sure what you mean with the mock-up, but if it’s cropping out the eyes and putting them together, you maybe lose the context of the conehats and Semana Santa?

      • What I’m trying to suggest, not very clearly, is that I would like to see a picture containing perhaps four contrasting pairs of eyes, perhaps conveying different attitudes or exhibiting different features. I’m not suggesting that the images be so closely cropped that the context is totally destroyed – if that were done the meaning behind the expressions would be lost – but I think some cropping (just for the purposes of the experiment) would be possible. I’ve found myself looking backwards and forwards to compare pictures. They really are very fine photos and excellent studies.

        • No, you are clear (i think), but English is not my first language, so maybe that’s why. I think I understand what you mean and I tried to do a little bit of cropping them panorama-style and put them together in picasa, but you lose some context and also becomes a bit chaotic! Maybe its best to see the best shots together next to each other without cropping. But if you can and feel like it, you can use the images and try your mock-up?
          As always thanks for the feedback and very glad you like em!

    • Thanks, hope I don’t get too boring; be honest if you like the series-style or the diversity more; guess it depends on what the subject and quality is 🙂

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