Lights In

Abandoned house in the Sierra de Guara, Aragon.

(1/50, F4, ISO800, 21mm)


13 thoughts on “Lights In

  1. You made this place feel haunted. I love the mysterious shot, peering into the dimlighted room. Terrific! Henrik approves again! : )

    • You’re looking into an lightened room in an abandoned house with a torn apart matras in the front 🙂
      Hope you still like it?

      • I do…but…I think I want it to be more. The oval up top looks like an eye to me. As if, you opened the door and there lay the head of a huge snake, its beady eye looking right at you. So, I think if it was as sharp and had color, it would let the imagination soar, while as it is I feel it is a bit mundane. Did that make sense?

        Not trying to be critical. It is just what came to mind…

        • Oh, i love it when somebody gives such great feedback (cuz not learning much from all the compliments 🙂 and I totally see what you mean; one of the things I definitely need to improve is not always be too technical (sharpness, color etc) but let it be more about the mood than that. With this one the colors in the room were so bright and colorful that it took away the mystery imo. Thanks very much for your view on this one, very much appreciated! greetings

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