Greenhouse Effect I or II? (UPDATE : or III?)




Normally I make my own decision on which composition I like the most of a certain object; with this waterfall and small house I couldn’t decide. The first is mi novia‘s choice and the second is mine!
Taken on the French side of the Pyrenees climbing the Col d’Aubisque.

UPDATE : added a third with more steepness and lushness and less branches
(Thanks to Alessandro Ciapanna & Chillbrook)

Which one do you prefer?

(I: 1/250, F7.1, ISO400, 22mm and II: 1/200, F7.1, ISO400, 17mm)

60 thoughts on “Greenhouse Effect I or II? (UPDATE : or III?)

  1. Just for a slight twist… I like the bottom half of #3 on its own. The little ‘house’ doesn’t add much to the shot (strictly in my opinion alone), but then I tend to prefer nature without civilization interfering.

  2. I think No 1 has the best composition. The strong diagonal of the left hand bank leads the eye to the building. No 3, however does seem to present the foreground detail with greater clarity, so I can see why you have difficulty deciding. Bye the way, thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Hola and thank you for your feedback; yep 3 definitely misses the diagonal but gives the steepness and 1 has the diagonal. But luckily i can keep em both!

      • I think that if you look back on alot of photos you pushed to the side from say, a year ago, you’ll find some that speak to you ‘now’ even though they didn’t ‘then’. Perceptions change!

        • Totally agree with you, Marina, although that works the other way around as well with photos I thought were good enough to post 🙂
          Actually the whole deal with starting daily blogposts was because I already had so many photos from a year living here in Zaragoza that I wanted to focus on those and review/rework them while adding more during this year… (only finding out later the whole post a day seems to be popular)

          • well, it’s also through people’s comments that those that you may not have thought much of are SO well received. It’s all so subjective but I love what you’ve been posting. It really comes down to owning your own style 🙂

            • True, it is a platitude but very true that comments and likes do tell lots about what you cannot see anymore cuz you’re caught up in your own ideas without having a clue what others think and see!
              Much thanks for your subjective view, and recognizing it as A own style is a huge compliment 🙂

              • As a non-professional photographer, i love comments on my photos as the professionals can immediately see what I am blind to. Your photos are great – love those architectural ones especially!

                • Yep, ofcourse we can learn a lot from professionals, but there’s also the chance that it gets too technical then imo
                  From talking with professionals the one thing that I really like about being amateur is that you don’t have to worry about your trademark or personal style, cuz they have to conform to their signature (mostly objects and way of postprocessing) to get noticed/jobs; we can shoot anything we like in any way we like!!
                  I remember you liked the Valencia architecture ones, love to do those too and when I’m moving from Zaragoza to Madrid in july, guess there will be more modern architecture to shoot 🙂

                • It’s all good, all the comments! Makes you have a thicker skin sometimes too. Madrid, hey? Great! I haven’t been these – I look forward to when you start posting 🙂

                • True, appreciate em all really! Yeah, looking forward to going to explore Madrid and it’s surroundings, but hope to make the end of my year of blogging with mostly photos from Zaragoza and its province of Aragon. Also no clue how I will go on, but I will, with this blog after the year ends end of August!
                  Thanks, Marina, same goes for looking forward to yours; I love brooklyn/NY and your travels, greetings and good luck with everything.

    • Nice thinking! My girlfriend definitely agreed on the house, but my thought is with bigger size the house gets the detail and place it deserves, but with this size I can follow you as well, gracias for the thought!

      • I read somewhere that most people like landscape because our monitors are in landscape… apparently if we rotate the monitor we’ll start to favor the portrait!! I think there is some truth to that 🙂

        • There could be a truth in that. Is it also a possibilty that our eyes have a wider perspective rather than an up- an down? I gues for the same reason that our televisions are “landscape”

      • hmmm, interesting thought, although you miss the steepness of this scene!
        (Base, just a bit further down you thought III was your favorite?)

          • In this case nr 3 is more appealing because of the steepness indeed.

            But I still think my eyes have a wider perspective than taller. 😀

            p.s. this topic goes to show that you can connect with people by asking questions!

            • Vale, vale, I think it’s a little win for my portraits even if I look at the percentages of portrait/ landscape in my photos!
              P.S that’s easier said than done; if you ask all the time, than nobody will keep on answering and you need enough followers/viewers who are involved enough to comment and regular interesting posts to start with…
              Well, in this case I really wasnt sure about the composition, so it was very helpful!

    • There’s no wrong answer here 🙂 I agree with the rocks added to the water and the house as most important ingredients, thank you for the feedback!

  3. On balance, I prefer the portrait version for the additional sense of depth it offers. But Alessandro is right to comment on the bare branches. Personally I would experiment with a slightly tighter crop to reduce the problem, but I recognise the difficulty of retaining similar propotions.

    • Your replies and third photo were posted while mine was in cyber space! The new image is the sort of thing I had in mind, although I feel you’ve now taken a shade too much off the top.

      • Thanks Louis for thinking with me; the third is actually a new photo, no crop, but I can follow you with a bit more on top, just thought a little extra water in front would compensate for that…

    • I guess we were on the same thinking path; when you commented this I was looking for another composition without the aforementioned ‘problems’ 🙂

  4. I can see why you are having trouble deciding which photo you like the best. They both have merit but I would probably go for the portrait as I think it brings out the steepness of the scene.

    • Yeah, difficult one this! Thanks for your feedback, think that is what attracts me most in the second too and the detail of the green rocks and house only have to do with the limited size on the blog, but ofcourse thats what it’s about here 🙂 Now more steepness!

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