Crumbling Land

Slowly deteriorating window shutter same ol’ Amboise, France.

(1/100, F6.3, ISO800, 19mm)


12 thoughts on “Crumbling Land

    • Thank you, Louis, didnt know the name, very nice work, didnt see any similar shots to this, but the comparison to such an artist is always appreciated 🙂

      • Haas covered a wide range of subjects including travels in Spain, Greece, France and Italy. He also produced a range of abstracts using worn away paint, torn posters etc. The internet tends to focus on his most well known ‘saleable’ examples but, if you can, have a look at his ‘A Colour Retrospective’ published by Thames Hudson. The price is outrageous to buy but you might be ablr to borrow from a library. ‘The Creation’ is also worth a look and is quite cheap.

        • Thanks a lot, Louis, for pointing me in that direction. I’m very impressed by his work, amazing eye he had! Yep, the images search on him didnt give much variety, but I am doing a more thorough search now, cuz its definitely worht it! Also thanks for mentioning the two books and ofcourse that you even compared me with him is very nice of you… greetings!

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