Lonely Pigeon

There’s only room for one pigeon in this roof of the
Basilica–Cathedral of Our Lady of the Pillar in Zaragoza.

(1/200, F5.6, ISO100, 250mm)


20 thoughts on “Lonely Pigeon

    • Thanks, Marina, only after one and a half year I found out you could climb up one of the towers of the amazing Basilica the Pilar here in Zaragoza; so finally had a view what goes on on the roof 🙂

  1. A super shot well seen. Perhaps a slightly tighter crop would have brought the pigeon a shade further away from the edge and increased its strength as the focal point. What do you think?

    • First of all: thanks again, Louis!
      It was my first thought while composing as well, cuz it seemed obvious to put the pigeon in the golden triangle; then I thought to take the pigeon a bit away from being too important and to give the roof, its textures and the details of those feathery roof tiles a more prominent place in the photo!
      Can you follow? In fewer words: I didnt want the obvious composition and more roof to be important! 🙂

      • I agree about the golden triangle,it would be too predictable. I had in mind somewhere between the two, but you’ve obviously experimented before making your decision.

        • Maybe that would work as well, didnt try! The good side is that I think of composition mostly on the spot, so only make one photo with my idea, the bad side being ofcourse that you cannot choose afterwards when I maybe think differently about it…

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