Walk On

 Second attempt at street photography in Madrid.

(1/160, F6.3, ISO400, 10mm)


18 thoughts on “Walk On

    • Thanks, Gav, those caught my eye first, then the reflections in the window and last but certainly not least the coincidence of human interference!

    • Thanks very much, Mark, from the 300+ photos on my blog I must admit I forgot about my Eyes of Semana Santa-series, which could be seen as street photography as well?
      But this is the second attempt in the sense that I went out into the city looking for interesting street shots after seeing an exhibition (see my ‘M’ photo from a couple of days back!) and all the great street photos on the wordpress-community, including yours!

  1. Great composition and fantastic scene!!! I like very much the use of tones and the reflections in the windows. The contrast between the man and the building is fantastic!!!

    • Thanks a lot, Santi! Those tones, reflections and light caught my eye and then by coincidence I was with a person walking into my scene and so I decided to wait for the right person to catch a bit of that light!

  2. Good composition. Nice use of the limited light – I like the touch of light on the head against the darker background while the dark figure is caught (almost) in a pool of light.

    • Thank you, Louis, the light on him was exactly what I was waiting for; first I framed the shot without a human, but then somebody walked into it and I thought it would make it more interesting, so then I waited for the right moment!

    • Thanks, my interest at first went out to the reflections in the windows of the opposite building and the scattered light on the street, but I still missed an element 🙂

  3. Wonderful, that worked out really well. I find it amazing how adding people to a photo makes you fantasise more.
    Where is he going, what is he thinking, does he really want to go that way? Does he have a secret lover on the side? IS HE HAPPY???
    Anyway, enough from me I guess. Talk to you later hombre.

    • Gracias, amigo, I have lots of fantastic answers to your questions, but I suppose it’s better to not ruin other people’s ideas 🙂

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