Social housing project on the outskirts of Madrid.

(1/320, F8, ISO100, 20mm)


47 thoughts on “Greenday

    • Thanks, Ian! And to think that it’s situated in a half desert with half social buildings and half non-finished blocks; very depressing if you ask me!

  1. SUPERB picture!!!!
    If I may suggest one thing: next time crop the picture so the windows on the left are completely on the picture? Just a suggestion, nothing major!

    • Thanks very much! And thanks too for the feedback, I love suggestions cuz all the praise doesn’t make me better 😉
      I agree with you, but in this case the block went on for a long stretch and there wasnt a line to cut off cuz of the irregularity of windows; i thought this was my best option…

    • Thanks very much, Verónica, I’m very honored you chose my blog as one of em! Sorry to say that although I’m happy you like my blog, I won’t join the award-business as it still feels weird to me to award creative outings in anyway; hope you understand and it doesn’t mean I’m less honored to receive your appreciation, thanks for that and greetings, Ron

    • No lo se que la gente no estaba contente, pero creo los habitaciones son pequenos dentro y hay muchos experimentacion architectural en esa zona!
      Muchas gracias y saludos, Manoli!

    • Thanks! The whole area is a new neighbourhood with lots of interesting architecture, this one stood out for it’s colour an abstract graphical design imo.

    • Hola, Margaret,, the area surrounding it is still without trees and very dry, almost desertlike, so not the coolest environment in any way.

  2. This is a very clever design and deserves close examination of the wide range of varied combinations. As an abstract design I enjoy it but the thought of living in such a place would horrify me!

    • Thank you, Louis, I totally agree, it is a great site from the outside, but not sure how life is inside; luckily I found another place to live 🙂

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