Counting Squares

 Old door in the centre of Toledo.

(1/60, F2.8, ISO100, 17mm)


15 thoughts on “Counting Squares

    • Wow, thanks, that’s a huge compliment as Corbucci is one of my favorite western directors; Il Grande Silenzio is one of the best westerns ever made, up there with Leone’s imo…

        • True, although I think I even prefer Kinski’s Herzog/Amazon-trilogy! And the landscape and nature around here (Leone chose to shoot in the south of Spain) made the western-theme pretty obvious to use here 😉
          Greetings, Ron

          • Yeah, he was awesome in Aguirre.
            It’s fascinates me that the south of Spain has become iconic for that genre.
            I’ve visited our own southwest many times, but a trip to southern Spain would feel more like a “pilgrimage” because of those films.

            • Yep, and the crazy opera-freak in Fitzcarraldo is superb too! I went to the South of Spain last year and included the Cabo de Gato NP which has a lot of sites from the Leone-trilogy and the nature park those are in is beautiful with beaches, valleys, rockcliffs and small white moorish villages; apart from the wild west-parks further away here you can find lots of settings from the movies which are hardly visited but very fascinating…

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