Offroad Trippin’

More desert roads from my roadtrip on 18 january 2012 in the Bardenas Reales desert in Navarra.
UPDATE: After Louis’ comment (thanks for the feedback!) I had a renewed look at this photo and agree to bring some detail in the distance back and take it easy on the contrast. What do you think?

(1/200, F11, ISO100, 15mm)


16 thoughts on “Offroad Trippin’

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Stevie! After a couple of days I think I lean towards the contrasty one as well; guess I have to go more with the feeling than the technical perfection. Definitely need to learn to go with the flow more…

  1. Hi I prefer the one with darker background. What is your intent? To make a picture about how the place looks or how it feels?. To me the lighter one just describes how the place looks and lacks soul and vision of the original. That’s my view for what its worth. Andy

    • Thanks, Andy! Very interesting, cuz those are things that are definitely always a problem in my photography: the dilemma between documenting and feeling, technical perfection vs emotion etc… thanks for your tgoughts, and I think the emotion of the rawness and hardness of the desert is more present in the first picture too!

  2. I like the composition and the texture, but I’d like the distant scene to be a touch lighter – at least hinting at the kind of territory the road leads to.

    • Thanks very much, Louis, your help is again very mucha ppreciated! Actually I totally agree with you, the contrast in the distance is too much, so may I assume the newer version is more to your likin’?

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