The village of Moros in the cliffy landscape of South Eastern Aragon.

(1/160, F8, ISO100, 24mm)

Here’s is one with color (thanks to Noeline!), but with a slightly different angle to keep it interesting..

(1/200, F8, ISO100, 18mm)


40 thoughts on “Moros

  1. I prefer the black and white by far. I don’t feel the colour adds anything. . . well, except colour. 🙂

    For me the shapes, structures and textures are far more interesting, and CLEARER in the black and white. The colour, I find, distracts from these things.

    • Thank you very much, Josh, I’m not one for the chain of nominations, but I not less honored than anybody else who gets a nomination; but than again it’s very nice to know people like your stuff and let others know, maybe I’m just lazy…

  2. Voy a practicar mi español…

    Perfecto. Me gusta cómo el edificios parece lego-bloques que uno puede arrancar de el lado de la montaña.

    • Vale, muy bien, mi español es muy mal, porque para mi esta bien de practicar tambien 😉
      Si, las casas son como lego, quizás un poce mas viejo… saludos, Ron (and the last word is not in Spanish!)

  3. Que te puedo decir¡ Ese pueblo es una belleza, tu fotografía supera a la ficción. Muy buena toma…, un lugar con muchas historias y leyendas “Seguramente”

    • Thanks, Michael and you’re welcome; i guess that makes the photoblogs on wp so interesting, it’s like traveling everywhere any day!

      • I also like to check out how foreigners to my country take pictures in it… it let’s me see my home through different eyes.

        WordPress was a good decision… my 3rd attempt to start blogging in my lifetime 😉

        • So true, but also to see people photographing their own cities and countries gives me great views of places I’ve never been!
          Great that you like WP, I did some blogging on blogspot before, but 99% of that about music/gigs, which is another of my passions 🙂

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