No Swimming

 Abandoned swimming pool in the Val de Jiloca in Aragon.

(1/250, F5, ISO100, 10mm)

18 thoughts on “No Swimming

    • Thanks, Dennis! It’s also the other way around, i’m very inspired by movie directors, games not so much anymore, but from what I’ve seen some of em are almost up there with movies nowadays?!

      • Indeed. I would go so far to say that in my clique online pc games are even more popular then movies. 😀 But I think my clicque is a bunch of computer nerd people anyway which means it might be differend in other circles of friends. But I think you are right if you say movies and games are on the same level today. I guess that is right.

        • That’s not to say those older european movies stand on their own photography-wise imo. But I’ve only played stuff on first playstation and seen some on desktops, so cannot conclude too much about it! greetings, Ron

  1. just read how the olympic training pool in greece from 2008 is now a home for thousands of frogs and green weeds and random debris – most of the 08 site is wasteland

  2. As hot as it’s been here in Ohio I think I’d go swimming anyway.
    Great location. Really nice shot.

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