7 Steps

The stairs to the Plaza de San Juan in Teruel, Aragon.

(1/60, F10, ISO100, 45mm)


17 thoughts on “7 Steps

    • Thank you, Noeline! Your thoughts cover perfectly the things that caught my attention when taking it and also what I wanted to strenghten in postprocessing…
      greetings, Ron

      • Sorry to cause confusion! I was using the word ‘plane’ in the geometric sense, that is, a two dimensional surface. I saw your image as having three planes – the front wall with the main arch in it; the far wall, across the street; and the interior porch. Each of these has its own tonal value which helps to create/emphasise the perspective. Strictly speaking the porch is not a plane (it is not two dimensional) but for tonal purposes it is treated as such. I am not a mathematician, I was just describing the image as I saw it. Even if my explanation is not strictly accurate technically, it is still a very effective composition!!

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