Golden Plume Limited

  The name on this abandoned shed is still the same as it was on the set of Sergio Leone’s ‘My Name is Nobody’ (1973) near La Calahorra, Andalucia. In the background the cloudy and snowy tops of the Sierra Nevada.

(1/250, F7.1, ISO100, 18mm)

8 thoughts on “Golden Plume Limited

  1. Hmm i commented on severa, of your photos a couple of days ago and now it’s all gone…
    This photo reminds me alot of Anton Corbijns work!, i just wait for depeche mode to walk into this picture.
    Terrific shot Ron!

  2. I like the composition and the use of repeated horizontal lines. Could you lighten up the photo a little and still maintain the contrast. I think it need some mid tones to make the foreground and the building pop.

    • Thanks, Nick, and I totally agree with you; it seems lately a lot of my photo’s appear darker when posted as they are on my comp. Have to think of that before preparing a post, will come up with lighter one in a minute…

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