Sit it Out

A graffiti piece from El Niño de las Pinturas exposed in the Centro Historico in Zaragoza.

(1/125, F2.8, ISO400, 20mm)

8 thoughts on “Sit it Out

    • Oh wow, Noelle, thanks for taking a look at such an old one, its not my photo that adds anything here, just admiration for one of my favorite street artist!
      Makes me feel like reposting some older stuff…
      Have a great day, Ron

  1. I love the way the contrasting component elements are brought together to create an extremely effective composition, despite the limited palette.

  2. Like so much street art these days – calling this graffiti doesn’t do it justice. This is art! Great capture. I’m glad you preserved this in a photograph. Well seen. Such a wonderful work. I’ll be viewing this one again. Bravo

  3. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen wall graffiti on paper! Still trying to figure out how it was used on the street?????

    • Thanks and this was especially made by a street artist for exhibition, his street art is even more beautiful!
      Sorry for unbelievably late reply 😉
      Hope all is still well,

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