No Coke

 Human waste even survived the worst forest fire in three decades in the community of Madrid.

(1/500, F5.6, ISO100, 41mm)


12 thoughts on “No Coke

  1. That’s cool looking. Looks like a new marketing idea for Coke. the black can with ghost writing – they could call it Coke Noir.

    • Well, ok then, if I can get some money for the idea, i will throw away all my objections and go for the money, just like every normal human being does 😉

  2. Rondje, I’m not convinced this works as a b&w image. For me there is insufficient tonal separation between the object and the background. The background itself is fussy rather than textured. I feel a colour version would be more successful on this occasion.

      • Louis, Base is right about it not being a B&W (well he was there, so easier said ;), but my objective was to show the can in focus with a bit of the foreground and then fade into the background, could have chosen for a lower point of view to make that idea work better I think.
        Thanks for your thoughts, but color is the last thing I could give you here 😉

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