No More TV

(1/160,f9, iso-200, 11mm)

Such an amazing view from this abandoned living room towards  the Picos de Europa that made me wonder why you would need a tv in the first place.

47 thoughts on “No More TV

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I am on a course next week, in which we have been asked to bring along a photo which we find exceptionally good, and which tells a story. As soon as I got the assignment I thought of you, and then it was just a short step to remembering this photo, which has stayed with me since you first posted it on your blog. A really memorable shot – like so many of yours. I’m missing your regular posts by the way.

    • Oh wow, didnt see your comment before, but that´s so flattering, Margaret, thanks so much!
      Very interested to hear what they have to say at your course?
      What kind of course is it exactly, photography in general or more specified?
      Sorry I´m so slow, at the moment building a website and getting little more social, but also trying to blog a little more, second half of last year was full of travel, which was great and kept me away from my laptop 😉
      Hope you´ll do well and like I said interested to hear how it went!
      Greetings from Malaysia,

      • It was a course put on for volunteer bloggers at the National Trust. Mainly about writing for the web, but some photography input too. I learnt a lot, but your photography reveals the course would have had nothing to teach you! Looking forward to more of your posts, and hearing about your website as it unfolds. Greetings from chilly Yorkshire.

  2. Magically haunting scene! You want to be poetic and surrealist? Be hardcore realist. Realist of the decline and the decay. You use the realism of the decay for poetic purposes so inspirationally!

    • Wow, thats very well said! Finding the poetry in the realism of everyday decay; guess that describes a lot of my ventures!
      Thanks so much for your encouraging enthousiasm!
      Warm greetings from Malaysia, Ron.

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    • Thanks, Margaret. And most of the times its definitely an issue to get rid of those powerlines, but the further away from humanity they do dissappear 😉

  4. excellent stuff.
    I bet you had fun and games getting the framing right for your ‘vision’.
    Perhaps the TV was always busted, but the owner preferred to look at the view through the absent screen…. (probably not). I’m surprised the place is abandoned with a view like that.

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