Morning Coffee II

(1/400,f8, iso-200, 29mm)

After arriving at the refugio de Aliva (1.672 m) from the ‘Morning Coffee‘-photo we had our coffee overlooking this valley in the Picos de Europa. With the right kind of eye you can spot the small ‘Ermita de la Santuca’, dedicated to the Virgin of Light or ‘La Santuca’, for whom every 2nd of May the longest procession (27km) on the Iberian Peninsula takes place .

48 thoughts on “Morning Coffee II

    • Thanks, it was such a nice warm half cloudy day and half of the year this is filled with snow, so nice view with our first cup of coffee; actually could have called this ´Bocadillo con jamón´ (bread with ham) which i had with my coffee 😉
      but would have been a bit too Spanish maybe
      Greetings, Ron.

  1. I was sent here by Margaret21. Wow, was she right! Your images are magnificent. I’ve been scrolling and scrolling. Some of these photos look unreal. Like lanscapes in my dreams. Do you ever allow other bloggers to use them, with proper attribution, of course? Just curious. I am a writer, and I am always looking for the “perfect image” to accompany my piece. I can see you have many gems in here. So nice to meet you.

    If you care to say hello, just click on my name! 😉

    • Wow, thank you so much, Renée. Cool to hear Margaret even sent friends over here! And yeah sometimes other bloggers repost or even posts poems to go with em, so feel free if you’re inspired. Very nice to meet you too, will jump over to your blog to have a look too.
      Greetings, Ron

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