No More TV II

(1/320,f8, iso-200, 11mm)

The widest photo I took from the amazing living room with a view to  the Picos de Europa. Thanks for the more than 100 likes on the first part of ‘No More TV‘.

42 thoughts on “No More TV II

  1. nice….very isolated and lonely….love the beautiful and scenic backdrop for such a subject….tells me that – beauty is is the eyes of what we see but not what it actually is…great picture!!!

    • Thank you, Naresh, that’s so true and so symbolic for the most of the ‘developed’ world nowadays to not see the view behind the television meaning the virtual world versus the real world!

    • Thanks, Richard, I suppose it’s documentary but not very historical (guessing max. 20 years old) but apart from that an amazing place to shoot I think.

    • I did, Eldin, the first is linked under ‘No More TV’, but that one is closer up and colored. Even did one really close couple of days before that one! Greetings, Ron

  2. I like the drama in this one, but for me the color version packed a bigger punch in terms of storytelling.

    That said, the view extending through the window in this one is fantastic.

    • Thanks, Luddy. This one didn’t work for me in color -too much distractions- , cuz lots of bright colors inside, especially the wet stain in the foreground being red. Greetings, Ron

    • Thanks, Terry, with the distraction all the different colors in the room made I thought the emphasis had to be on the light/dark and framing. Greetings, Ron

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