Feliz Año Nuevo

Salida 2

(1/160,f9, iso-100, 74mm)


(1/40, f8, iso-200, 24mm)

Back from a little festivities, including a trip to Holland and a revisit to some friends in the Pyrenees, it is about time for some new photos.
Although I didn’t make time for posting I did make some photos that I think are worth it. The first was on a hike to a viewing point to see the absurd monumental cross (with 152,4 metres the highest free standing cross in the world, which I will post soon) that Franco built for himself.

The second is a photo during sunset towards the Sierra de Gredos taken on a mountain only a half hour drive from my home nowadays.


(1/200, f8, iso-200, 123mm)

The last is the facade of the Santa María de León Cathedral, also called The House of Light, during the last sunrays, which I took on last year’s roadtrip to Asturias in the North of Spain.
I wish everybody an amazing 2013 and I hope to contribute a little scenery from Spain.


45 thoughts on “Feliz Año Nuevo

    • Haha, thats very kind of you to say, I actually feel confident enough now that some of my work is good enough and am in the process of making a professional website to showcase the stuff I think is worth it!

    • Hi Meg,

      thanks for noticing that one; personally thought it was so beautiful and inside is amazing, called the cathedral of light, because of its high stain-glassed windows, really pretty.
      Hope all is well, greetings, Ron.

    • Thank you, RJ, normally not really big on sunsets -there’s so many good ones around- only when there’s an extra, like a branch or the lavaish clouds in the second. Well, good to hear you like em. Greetings, Ron

    • Hi Naresh, thank you very much and both photos were at sunset the first when it was still in the clouds, the other when it was already behind the horizon!
      Greetings, Ron

  1. Hi,
    Fantastic photos, the sky in the second photo reminds me of ash and larva from a volcano, simply stunning.
    Happy New Year to you as well and looking forward to your photos and stories in this brand New Year. 🙂

    • Hi and thanks, Mags, very happy 2013 to you too! The second stood out cuz of the bright lava-ish (like that a lot!) colours against the darker clouds; 1 principle for me with photographing sunsets and sunrises is to never tweak the colours afterwards; they are amazing most of the time as they are, just need to be captured.

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