Iron Woman

Buenas Tetas

 A piece of art I encountered on a small square inside the medieval walls of Avila. I really liked the way she stood out against the old textured wall.

(1/250, F2.8, ISO100, 23mm)


35 thoughts on “Iron Woman

  1. I just re-read my comment and realize it really doesn’t say what needs to be said. this is the finest photography I have come across in my short time of blogging~! Your use of existing light and shadows is supreme and you have a fine eye for subjects. I will be trailing along with you in your travels.

    • Wow, thats an amazing compliment; makes me really happy to hear such praise, very flattered and sincerely hope I can keep up with the standards you describe! Thanks very much and big greetings, Ron

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  3. Muy buena toma!!, por fin puedo entrar aquí, tengo algún problema y no puedo entrar en muchos blogs y no me llegan los mensajes de nuevos post, he vuelto a suscribirme, a ver si tengo suerte, muchos besos

  4. A fine sculpture, well observed and well captured. I like the strength of the lines against ‘plain’ background. The naturally restricted colour range is very effective.

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