Living on the Edge

Treehouse II

(1/500, f7.1, iso-200, 12mm)

A small building on top of a hill in the Sierra de Guadarama west of Madrid. A place you have to share with the vultures circling this valley.

23 thoughts on “Living on the Edge

  1. By a valley and a cliff drop … a tree house beckons (could almost hear its greetings and the cries of vultures above — such is the strong energy from the picture)

    • Thanks for your interest, Russel!
      And you’re always welcome to camp out here, there will be regular changes to the site but hopefully all will improve the beauty of it 😉

  2. The feeling of being on the edge of something … either very bleak and lonely, or on the edge of great hope … comes out of that picture. The picture is full of emotion. Very nice!

    • Thanks, Nila. good to hear you like the depth, cuz the looking down on the left and then up to the far away mountains was a bit awkward choice in my book!
      Greetings, Ron

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