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Bureau B II

(1/200, f11, iso-200, 19mm)

Last October I announced in a post called ‘Fisherman Style‘ that I would be taking it easier than a photo a day, but also to go venture into old photos which I like but didn’t get any attention then because I was still the only one reading my blog at that time. Some of the photos from those times I will revisit, remaster and repost once in a while like I promised.

Even before I started posting photos daily from august 2011 I already had some photos up here; The one above was actually the second photo on this blog and I can imagine nobody went 433 published photos back in time to 14 April 2011, so here it is again! At that time I wasn’t tagging, linking or titling my posts yet, but it’s taken in the semi desert called Bardenas Reales about 100km west of Zaragoza.

  The photo below is the first photo that I ever published and also one of the reasons I thought I sometimes visited and photographed places with a result that was uniquely mine: I called it eYe.

This one was taken on the fenced ground of The Sanatorium of Agramonte; first this was a luxurious hotel but after all personnel were assasinated in the Spanish Civil War, dictator Franco decided to turn this place high upon Mountain Moncayo into an anti-tuberculosis institute.
I revisited this place many times in the two years I lived in Zaragoza. For the Spanish this is a haunted place, but although the forest is taken over and there are sounds of nature and echoes everywhere inside this building, I was only intrigued by its history and crumbling state…

Left eYe

(1/160, f7.1, iso-200, 24mm)

68 thoughts on “Back to Start

    • Hola José, muchas gracias, mi cámara es un Canon 550D ahora,pero creo estas capturas fueron con mi vieja cámara, un 350D.
      Saludos cordiales, Ron.

  1. Trying to figure out if the lower photo is photoshopped, or a representation of what was actually there. The continuation of the vertical line onto the forward wall is what gave me pause.

    Either way, very visual piece . . . if you’ll pardon the pun.

    • Hola Disperser (great name! read the explanation on your blog),
      That photo is not shopped, i guess it was a visual ´joke´ by theartist who made more eyes around this place, but it´s cool you noticed!
      I would never ever add or distract things from my photos, which is a hassle sometimes with all the electricity poles in the Spanish landscape, but apart from some color/ light/ detail or any thing, I want the photo to be the situation as I saw it!

      Thanks for your thoughts and thorough eye (oops, another pun, sorry too)
      Greetings, Ron.

      • Good to know. It must be even more striking to see a very realistic eye looking back at you . . .

        As for photoshopping, I too am reluctant to change the content. We all post-process, of course, but I don’t add or delete stuff from my photos.

        If I do manipulate something, it’s explained, and it’s usually for a joke. That said, I do plan eventually to get into composite photographs, as some artists do amazing work coming up with surreal compositions.

        Don’t know I have that kind of expertise, but someday. . .

        Very impressed with your captures. Looking forward to further exploration and future works.

        • Thanks, changed from a photo a day since august to less quantity, more quality,i hope!
          I agree with you on composites, but not for me, i like to work with available light and scenes. Most of the times with a result of the scene in mind, so try to get as close with my photo-taking as possible and do the rest in post-process, sometimes thats nothing, sometimes a little more, but never altering anything else too.
          There were more eyes in this ´haunted´ (for Spaniards) place, but this was the best for me 🙂
          have a great day, good luck with everything, Ron.

        • Oh,i meant your name: Disperser, and your explanation/ anecdote where it comes from, like it a lot!
          but good to hear you like mine too 😉

          • I got the comment about my name, but wanted to acknowledge your fine effort.

            In Italian, Il Buono, il Brutto, il lCattivo . . . don’t know why they changed the English title to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but have to agree the reordering of the adjectives between languages reads better reads better in each.

    • Gracias, Luddy, I noticed that while I was already framing the shot and then made sure some of the reflection came out too; thanks for noticing!
      Greetz, Ron

  2. Hello – from the winter-cold North – Denmark….! Thanks for your “like” 🙂 – I was very surprised reading and watching your amazing blog here: Great photos!!!! I will follow you from now – and I hope many others will do the same!!

  3. Hi. Thanks for the ‘like’ on my post. Really superb pictures here – exactly what I am trying to achieve but some way to go. They remind me too that I must come again to Spain (I was last there nearly 40 years ago when I lived there for a year – tinto at 3 pesetas a glass!). Less than once a day is good – I’ve a better chance of seeing them all. I’ll be back.

    • Hi, thank you for the compliment. Spain is still pretty cheap away from the biggest cities, no 3 pesetas but 80 cent for a well filled glass of good wine is still good enough for me 😉
      I’ll take it slow with the reposting and will only go through best of em, I hope…

  4. Wow – these are both awesome. And I thought you were getting better! I see now that you are just awesome. 😉

    What is in that water hole in the desert?

  5. Thanks so much for re-posting these shots. Many I remember – some are ‘before my time’. I must tell you that I really look forward to seeing your posts. What I most appreciate is your ‘eye’ – your ability to see a great shot, a great story, in something which so many of us might completely disregard. Add to that the painterly qualities your pictures so often have, whether in colour or black and white, their composition, their lighting, and there’s always something special there. These days I find myself thinking of your work as I go round and about with my camera. It’s made me want to be more than a taker-of-snaps. Thank you.

    • Wow, thank you so much, Margaret, what a huge compliment! I guess I’m also lucky to be able to spend most my time on finding location (or sightseeing you could say) and photographing. But I’m very flattered by your comments, cuz apart from the technicality it’s all about the fact that people see the story, like you said, in it; also lucky that this country seems to have lots of stories in its nearby and far away histories!
      Thanks so much for your support and best to you

  6. Hi Ron! Bring it on!! I live to see your old work published again or the first time! These two are beautiful! Niets mis met hergebruik!
    (We are both Dutch: nothing wrong with reusing!)

    • Hi Chris, Dank je en er zullen nog zeker veel voorbij komen, want inmiddels al aan de 435 posts, dus kan ver terug, maar wel een selectie die ik nu ook nog zou posten 😉 groet, Ron

    • Thanks a lot, CK, well I hoped they were good enough to start with and not yet dying on me 😉
      But definitely changed my view of things a bit since then…

  7. Great idea to republish these shots as they surely deserve attention. The subjects are intriguing and the light/tones pleasing – great work. Have you got any more like these tucked away? 🙂

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