Open Door

 Another golden oldie from an abandoned house in the old ruined part of Embid de la Ribera southwest of Zaragoza, Spain.
Here‘s the original from more than a year ago!

(1/100, F3.5, ISO200, 18mm)


58 thoughts on “Housewarming

    • Oh, oops, so sorry i didnt see and respond earlier, but thanks you as much for your compliment, Whitney!
      Hope all is well, greetz, Ron.

    • Hola Meg,
      Lots of visitors in the shape of bats i think from seeing their crap neir the door, but could have been more than a decennium since anybody came in for sure 🙂
      Before it was abandoned it could have been a busy place with the only public transport via train out of town was thru this room…
      Thanks for your great compliment, really makes me smile, greetings, Ron.

  1. I prefer the colours of the original (but I’m obsessed with desaturation and monochromatic) but the sharpness of the new one makes for some wonderful textures!

    • Thank you, those were the reasons to do em both, the painterly colors of the first versus the clarity and textures of the second; didtry to make one that had a bit of both, maybe´ll posted later
      Thanks for the great feedback, really appreciate it, Greetings, Ron.

  2. Brilliant photo 🙂
    The warm colours work great with the abandoned feel of the room, makes it feel quite sinister !
    Very inspiring 🙂

    • Thanks so much Fern,
      I loved the low Sunshine on those walls a lot, probably my fvorite subject, light coming and lighting up walls 😉
      Greetz, Ron.

  3. The beauty of derelict crap showing a history we’ll never know, that is what this is. Initially the original was my favorite of the two (natural colors in wood grain, subdued tones, that sort of thing). Coming back to the screen I am quite taken with the added definition and pizzazz of this image. Most of the time there is an interesting trade of between original tones and more saturation, or contrast. This photo and the original are both topnotch for different reasons, but if I’d come across them on Flickr the original might be my selection as a favorite. Awesome work on your blog!

    • Hello Joseph, thank you so much for the great feedback; I too think the first is much better on the painterly quality of the walls, but also the added texture and better clarity on the markings are appealing. I entered a competition with a remake that ended up in between these too, trying to capture a bit of both,hopefully succeeded with that one.
      Really appreciate such informative comments like these, if I look at the two yrs on here at least I think I improved on what I like best 😉
      All the best to you y hasta luego Ron.

    • Thank you very much, Kai. These thoughts always fascinate me too and make me explore places for clues to what and whom happened and lived here…
      Greetings, Ron

    • Thanks, Truels. So many of these villages around Spain, guessing close to 500 and even more if you count little farmer communities that are now left behind.
      Thanks for support and all the best to you,

  4. It’s good to revisit old shots, when original memories of the scene have faded and you feel free to display it as you think it should have looked. The composition is great.

    • Thanks, Dave, that´s exactly what it´s about, i think this is what it looked like, but don´t we always make memories better than they were?
      Or at least exaggerate them (positive or negative)?
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Ashley. I did like the original, it´s just that I think (but could be my memory in conflict with my ´artistic´ view) that this is closer to reality, but it´s been over two years…

    • Thanks a lot, Peter, thought the light was a bit harsh although it was autumn and late in the afternoon, but had to choose for the proper light on the walls and doors. Greetings, Ron.

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