Mr. Blue & Mr. Orange

Blue Oranges

 Here’s another remastered version of an old abandoned hallway in Villanueva de Jalon near Zaragoza (Spain), at least that’s what I thought.
My memory and the fact that this photo was in the ‘used for blog’- folder on my computer made me think I already posted it.
I thought it fitted in perfectly with the first two abandoned interior-photos, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

So no original to compare this time, but a lost buddy nonetheless!

Also interesting to find out the settings are similar to the photo of the Waiting Room,
although it was a different place, different occasion.

(1/25, F3.5, ISO400, 10mm)


159 thoughts on “Mr. Blue & Mr. Orange

    • Hmm, sorry, didnt even make it to respond in a year 😉
      But thanks for stopping by and appreciated still!
      Hope you´re doing great, greetings,

    • Thank you very much, Brian. There´s a lot, i am already at my 450th post and guess the best ones are spread over more than a year, but will repost and sometimes remaster some that i think are good enough quality-wise.
      Greetings, Ron.

  1. I ‘am coming to see your blog after your kind comment on mine.
    I love the matter effect of this wall and also the title; often,, like here, the title of a photo adds a dimension and gives an idea of what the phtographer saw taking the photo!!

    • Hola, thanks for visiting in return,
      to be honest mostly the title is afterwards so i can adjust my view on it, but yeah with this one it was about the blue and orange while taking it!
      All the best, greetz, Ron.

    • Thanks very much, Hattie, mine too 😉
      (and it seems its been the favorite of many last couple of weeks)
      Have a nice day,
      Greetings, Ron

    • Haha, you make my day; you have so many cool photos tha tI wish i´d taken! Easy to like, thanks, Katrina, your support means a lot to me!
      Warm greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks, Sally,i had a feeling with this one, and thats not alwaysthe case,it was a nice house to live in; beautiful location, great views, amazing valley, but it was steep climb down and up again to get the water from the river, so the villagers abandoned it to go to neighbouring villages closer to the water and leave this place mostly untouched for around 40 years!
      Thanks for your interest, Sally
      have a great day, Ron.

    • Thank you, Paulette. Luckily this wasnt to tricky to go around the debris or dangerous to go in 😉
      so I could look around for the best shot and glad to hear you like it.
      Warm greetings from Spain, Ron.

    • Hi Meg,
      You´re very welcome; its very nice and inspiring to see views of other photographers out there on wp.
      Thank you for taking time out to look around here and your compliment is very flattering, thanks.
      All the best to you, Ron.

    • Muchas gracias, Joao, thats the best compliment ever: jealousy, haha, no kidding, thanks so uch for yourthoughts on this one, very pleased you like it!
      Have a great week y saludos, Ron.

    • Gracias, used to go there a lot, beautiful in spring and autumn ; that was when I lived in Zaragoza for last two years, now already almost a year in town west of Madrid, also nice around here, where are you from?
      Saludos, Ron

    • Thanks very much, Tim, let me know what you think of other photos of mine, appreciate you commenting here, Good luck with everything, Ron.

    • Oh, well okay then, but for a cassette only release then, cuz I would hate to have to crop it 🙂
      Thanks, Niki, and all the best to you, Ron.

    • Hola Stephen, lots of these walls that are left behind more than 40 years ago seem to have these turquoise colored walls, some also on the outside!
      Maybe I like em even better crumbled 😉
      Thanks for the thought, Ron.

  2. Thank you so much for blog and thank you so much for visiting my blog. Soon I hopping to leave solo sailing around the world in May of 2013 from Washington State-USA. My the plan are huge I want to make a history under American flag in a San Juan 24-foot sailboat. I have a strong disere to sail solo in the most dangeriuos waters in the world

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking a couple of posts. I appreciate both your visit and the likes. You have beautiful work on your blog. I absolutely LOVE some of the images, especially the one above. Glad I found you through your visit to my blog. Blessings, Robyn

    • Hola Jude, thats very nice of you to say, apart from the technical aspect I´m much more looking for that extra, so thanks for letting me know
      All the best, Ron.

  4. Love the quality of mystique in this photo, the contrast of light and dark and the vibrant colors that suggest former times of colorful lives. Thanks, great shot~

    • Thanks a lot, Kai. Very well said, i hoped it brought the same feeling to the viewer as it does to me be to be wandering these abandoned villages and wondering and trying to find out what happened and what was what and who lived where, lots of fantasizing 😉
      All the best, Ron.

    • Thank you for the great comment, Lisa, so cool to read people enjoying these hardly visited forgotten places through my photos 🙂
      Greetings, Ron.

  5. You have my deepest respect: I can’t find words to describe how great I find this image is. You would win every competition you participate in with this master shot!

    • Whoaa, thanks, Truels, very nice to hear and maybe time I tried my luck somewhere with this one. Thanks so much for your enthousiasm and support. all the best, Ron.

    • Thans, John, didnt treat it too much accept for the soft light letting some of the shadowy details alive on this early morn 😉
      Greetings, Ron

  6. The colours are beautiful. This photos are in Spain… Are you living in Spain still? Excuse me for I’m busybody. Greetings.

    • Haha, hola Juan, thanks. Yep still living in Spain, close to Madrid (and you?). But lived in Zaragoza for 2 years prior and loved the province of Aragon with desets, mountains, pueblos abandonados y todo. But there´s enough to explore around here too 😉
      Saludos, Ron.

    • Thanks, Bashar, for noticing, I thought the the grey plaster on the lower part imitated the natural light or viceversa 😉
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks, for as far as my french goes, I just dont get the last part ´un rendu sur les matieres superbe´ ?
      Well, another lesson, merci beaucoup y salut, Ron.

    • Thanks, Ashley, it´s very nice to read that you recognize a little bit of me in it; something i always try to achieve.
      Greetings, Ron

  7. Indeed the hallway to the waiting room! Niceh probably better than the real thing. Looks also like they are lightbeams on the wall coming from the window. Nice colours for the mystic animal.

    • Tis een ander stekkie dan de waiting room, maar het maakt het verhaal stukken beter natuurlijk,en had je die Rut op de muur zien staan?

    • Thanks a lot, Louis. Hopefully apart from those technical aspects it evokes a feeling of some kind in the viewer?
      Whatever it is…
      Greetz, Ron.

    • Thank you, Adrian, glad it works for so many different styles of photographers/viewers.
      Great post by the way so dar on the Digital Lightroom, love that B&W coastal shot, deserved winner!
      Adios, Ron.

  8. AYYY! que bueno! come me gustan todas las imágenes que Ud. crea. Dicen más que lo que se ve. Striking, and carrying mysterious messages, that is how I see them.
    [pardon las faltas en español… ]

    • Gracias, Vera ytu espanol es muy impresionante tambien. My spanish is much worse, i think, so no worries. I think I´m always looking for the surreal and mysterious signs in photogrphy. Thanks for your support and greetings, Ron.

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