After another inspirational blogpost today called Eloquence of the Eye from famous photographer Steve McCurry I had to think about an eye-photo I took during Semana Santa 2012 in Zaragoza, Spain.
Another repost (here´s the original) where I think my postprocessing skills improved since then and gets me closer to the result I was aiming for…

(1/125, F5.6, ISO200, 214mm)

51 thoughts on “eYe

  1. Hi, Ron, This is my first visit, having followed you back from your liking of my recent post. I see there are many commenters ahead of me, and I may get lost in the avalanche, but I just want to say that I love your eye for detail, perspective, and composition. I am very happy that your took the time to let me know that you liked what you saw. Con muchas felicidades! Gary

    • Hello Gary,
      I hope to make sure nobody gets lost in the avalanche; just happy viewers seem to like some of my photos.
      Thanks for looking through and giving your thoughts! Really flattered with your compliments.
      Muchas gracias y saludos, Ron.

    • Hi David, well ofcourse first of all find something in the subject you feel makes it intrigueing or interesting to watch and while shooting raw i control light, aperture, diaphragma and composition. With this particular series of the Semana Santa processions before the week filled with lot of procession i had this idea of eyes and colored fabrics in close-up could make for a cool set; very difficult with low light (most of em being afternoon or later) and moving targets 😉
      Then I do light temperature which mostly is spot on, maybe a bit in exposure, than open in Photoshop 6 were I do some straightening and or cropping.
      Then could go anywhere, looking for techniques on the web that will take me through the process to get what I want. Lots of times I go to Nik software, Silver Efex for B&W, where I do all the tweaking myself, have some recipes for certain subjects.
      For color I use Nik´s Color Efex to sharpen, contrast, detail and more, also recipes for my most photographed subjects and with this eye also used a little Nik´viveza, because it works in a circular way its perfect for doing stuff on and around eyes.
      Hope thats not too detailed for you, but thats it.
      Thanks for stopping by and please give critique wher you think needed, much appreciated, greetings, Ron.

      • That’s perfect – and it all makes sense.

        I’ve heard good things about Nik products – never tried them – maybe now is the time.

        Your image is a winner, but the processing makes it extra special.

        • Thanks David, its all used to get the view I had in mind and think I saw, but my memorymaybe makes things more beautiful, but dont we all do that?
          Definitely like the idea behind Nik, very cool way of approaching postprocessing in my opinion.
          Good luck and greetz, Ron.

  2. That is one wild eye! Well, it’s Semana Santa, after all.
    I don’t know anything about processing and Photoshop, etc., so that’s of less interest to me than the painterly qualities you end up (however you do so).

    • Thanks a lot! It´s all about what it does to the viewer and postprocessing is just a thing I need to do working with RAW-files. Well whatever, just glad to know you like what you see 🙂
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Dank je, Wilma, vond wel leuke kijk op de klassieke Semana Santa, had een hele serie toendertijd, maar vond deze de beste om tereposten 🙂
      Groet, Ron.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to Steve McCurry’s work. Striking stuff. But I remember your image from the first time you posted it, just after I started seeing your blog. I found it an arresting image then, and now it’s even moved up a notch..

    • Thanks a lot, Margaret, nice to hear you didnt know Steve McCurry´s blog, lots of exploring and admiring to be done 😉
      Thanks for all your support and feedback, much appreciated, greetings, Ron.

    • Thank you so much (for ALL the support), Noeline! Think at that time I was exaggerating a bit on brightening darker parts, hopefully this is closer to reality. Hope all is well, Ron.

    • Yep, Bashar, more than a year I think, so cool to have the parades rolling through the streets in Zaragoza; do miss that place sometimes!
      Greetz, Ron.

  4. Great photos! The only thing I miss a little from the original is the depth of the eye from the cloth. Still, the second photo is more striking.
    Cheers from California!

    • Thank you, Nina, don´t know exactly what you mean by the depth of the eye from the cloth?
      Maybe cuz its shadow is less brightened than the original?
      All the best from Spain, Ron.

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