Inside Snow AKA Negative Space

 These photos were taken in an abandoned sanatorium in the Sierra de Guadarrama just north of Madrid.
This is the first time I used the photo gallery of wordpress, but these photos are best viewed with a black background to make the negative space (black parts) disappear and make them entrances into nowhere…
So please click the photos to see the best effect of the negative space!

(both 1/25, F5.6, ISO400, 10mm)

115 thoughts on “Inside Snow AKA Negative Space

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    • Hi Lauri,

      Thanks for the compliment, nice to hear you enjoyed this one and I only like what I like, so you´re very welcome,
      All the best, Ron.

    • Hola again, Hattie
      Actually i was a little disappointed after illegally entering the building and to find it empty – i especially like it when it looks like its been left 40 years ago and i am the first to enter 😉
      But the light in these places is marvelous mostly…
      Thanks for flattering me (again)
      Greetings, Ron.

    • thanks very much! It wasnt only the steps here i hope, the curves and texture of the walls and the light caught my eye to; ofcourse the main attraction to the human eye will always be stairs 😉
      Thanks for your visit,
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Hi Robert, thanks for the compliment! Well, the snow will be gone soon, i hope, but these places will stay were they are for a long time, cuz nobody really cares about them for 40 years already. Have a great easter and geetz, Ron.

      • Let’s hope they stay. The problem we have in the US is arson – When that happens the city gets all twitchy about making sure no one is allowed in and around abandoned places. Keep up the good work.

        • Aah, okay, no problem here, maybe if youre in the city center of Madrid, but most of the villages and buildings i try to find are outside and mostly pretty remote. And ofcourse in Spain you know that anybody that doesnt want you there, will be having a siësta between 2 and 5pm 😉
          Thanks again for your visit and have a great week, Ron.

    • Thank you for visiting and good to know you like it on black and took the effort to try; even thought about temporarily puttinh my background to black, but this is a better solution i think. Have a good easter, Ron.

    • Thanks, Patti! Than I won´t tell what´s there to keep the mystery 😉
      But I used another staircase to keep the snow on the steps untouched here
      All the best to you, Ron.

    • Thank you, Wayne, i was fascinated with all these curves and corners as well; nice to hear you appreciate these to.
      Thanks and greetings, Ron.

    • Hi Dawn, thank you for returning the favor and very glad you like this, lots of old and new shots coming up 🙂
      Warm greetings from Spain, Ron.

    • Wow, thank you so much, thats very flattering to hear and I love the word chiaroscuro and what it stands for 😉
      Hope all is well and greetings, ron.

  4. Lovely light, colours and textures – and those steps are just wonderful! The concept of ‘negative space’ on the black background works really well too. Thank you.

    • Thanks Noeline! Great to hear you tried it on black, works way better i hoped so too!
      Steps are snow and not deteriorated, well that too, but thats underneath the snow 😉
      Have a great week, Ron.

      • Snow?! Didn’t expect that. The trouble is that I’m using a small laptop at the moment 😦 Enlarging the image I can see now that it’s snow. It also adds an extra dimension to the shot – sorry I missed it first time around. I must hurry up and get that new computer!

        • Haha, no worries (although if you can effort one, you SHOULD :). Lots of viewers thought they were worn out, so its just about the size on here, only on the full size and in print it is obvious i think; definitely thought that the snow made it even more intrigueing and still wondering how so much came in, but being high up in the mountains it must get lots of snow and winds…
          Well, good luck with finding new computer, til then I won´t make it difficult anymore 🙂
          Have a great week, Ron.

    • Thank you very much, Simon, thats great to hear,i love these places, although they are totall uninteresting for most Spanish people, i love em and happy to find out there are people out there who enjoy em through my photos 🙂

      Greetings, Ron.

    • Thank you, Angeline and great you took the time out to look it up with the blackbackground, much betteri thought.
      and actually the stairs are snowy, soft and untouched (took another stair!); you can see it in the fullsize version (right bottomcorner in the gallery)

      Warm greetings, Ron.

  5. A great pair of images. Not sure which I like best. Both of them have a lot of virtue and they look good together.

    • Thank you, Terry, couldnt choose between em as well, funny thing they didnt work together the other way around for the way the stairs are going; couldnt explain that, but just didnt work. Thanks for all your support, Ron.

    • Thank you, Richard
      Glad you tried it and it worked for you, was thinking about how to show them on black without too much effort for the viewer
      greetings, Ron.

  6. Hi Ron – Amazing that you can keep finding these great abandoned placeas. And even more amazing is it how you manage to capture such brilliand photos: You are a master of light and colors – like Bente writes above!!!!

    • Wow, thanks very much, Truels, so nice to read and happy you like them so much. There are more than 500 abandoned villages in Spain and next to that even more abandoned hospitals, military,churches etc everywhere, so lots to see and photography,very Lucky with that i guess.
      Thanks for saying and have a good weekend, Ron.

    • Thanks John, very much; exactly what I´m looking for nowadays is to be more of a story than just a good photo!
      Nice to read your feedback, greetings, Ron.

  7. Excellent pictures. The composition is very strong, especially the location of the light source and the choice of perspective. The light emphasises the textures and shadows, creating dramatic contrasts.

    • Thanks, Louis, your appreciation and the way you describe it are much appreciated, very much hoped those qualities makes the viewer try to find more there.
      Gracias and greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks, Anette, very nice of you to say, hope you tried it with the balck background to make the form of the stairs come out even better 😉
      All the best,Ron.

    • Thanks, Margaret for trying it on the black background, was hoping for people to try it, although I know it means a lot of clicking, so thanks.
      Even thought about changing my blog-background for a while to black til its of the frontpage 😉
      Have a great week, Ron.

    • Thank you, Hanno, all those things grabbed my attention as well, but the untouched snow on the stairs as well; guess thats only visible in the full size version! Greetings, Ron

    • Thanks very much, it was really nice to think of the lighter parts against a total black backdrop!
      All the best and thanks for stopping by, Ron.

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