Behind These Eyes

Eyes III

(1/320, F7.1, ISO100, 25mm)

This is one of my favorite pieces from graffiti-artist El Niño de las Pinturas from Granada. This is a slightly reworked version of an almost year old photo/post.

Normally I keep my love for music separate from the photos I post here, but after the unfortunate death at 39 (just two days younger than me!) of my favorite songwriter Jason Molina (in bands like Songs:ohia, Magnolia Electric Co and under his own moniker), who´s been soundtracking half my life so far and will so for the rest of it, I had to show my gratitude…
His family decided to open up his treasurous discography for the time being at

I’m saying everything is fine
By the look in my eye
But you know darling
Half of what a man says is a lie

It’s your last chance to forget me now
That it’s done for good
You always said I’d make it out
Somehow darling I knew I never would

Here´s one of his many great albums for you:

Rest in Peace, Jason, thanks for all the great times!

28 thoughts on “Behind These Eyes

    • Hola Seonaid, its so cool to fantasize at rockfaces; and also nice when an artists acknoledges that.
      thanks for your response, greetings, Ron.

  1. Poignant and striking, while the spirit may move to another dimension, we have your beautiful images to compliment the music of true artist. Thanks for sharing…

    • Wow, thats very nice to hear, thanks very much, maybe a good idea to through in some music now and then again, just too lazy to do the including in the post, hmmm
      All the best, Ron.

    • You´re very welcome, it is not only that Jason deserves it to be heared, it´s more that everybody deserves it 🙂
      Glad you like the photo to go with it too, Thanks, Ron.

  2. I enjoy your work. We share the same fascination with doors, windows, passageways, repetition and architecture. Looking forward to more. Thanks for reading my blog.

    • Hi Louis,
      Thats good to hear; this image was in line to be reposted but thought it fitted best with the small tribute i wanted to make.
      Thanks for acknowledging the combination,
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Hoi Sérach, dank je wel. Dit is duidelijk een voorbeeld van documenteren wat ik zie, de artiest hier is overduidelijk de graffiti-kunstenaar 😉
      groet, Ron

    • Hi Mark, thanks, thought so too; nice small alley steps up and in one of its many corners youll most likely to find some of his work in Granada:)
      Have a good weekend, Ron.

    • Hola Carlos, yeah, for me a little sad photo would be perfect to say goodbye.
      You´re very welcome, thank you and Jason 😉
      Greetings, Ron.

  3. I have some photos of graffiti on Granada, but I didn’t see this graffiti. I don’t meet songwriter Jason Molina. It is a pity your so soon death!

    • Hola Juan, his barrio is Realejo near the Alhambra, full with his graffiti. Yeah, true, i am 39 and i think thats way too soon!
      Gracias y bien finde, Ron.

    • Definitely will do some reposts, but it´s good I make a selection for you, because doing the every day photo for a year, although i had a big archive not having to find a shot every day, but still, not good for quality that I want from now 😉
      Thanks for your interest!
      Havea great weekend, Ron.

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