La Montaña Abandonada

Bardenas y Moncayo BW2

(1/125, f8, iso-200, 55mm)

This was taken same morning just after the last two photos from a dirt road on the Southern ridge of the Bardenas Reales looking towards the first sun on lonely mountain Moncayo, a real distinct character in the Ebro valley to the west of Zaragoza. More and more thinking about a project on the abandoned villages and landscapes of Aragon in northern Spain…
(which started this all)

37 thoughts on “La Montaña Abandonada

  1. Beautiful scene; I love B&W photography!. Gorgeouse site as well, Ron. Thanks, too, for liking some posts of mine, “A Fine Walk to Remember” and “Winter Playground for the Elk”. That was a great trip for me, but do wish I could travel more often. Happy future trails to you!

  2. Hi Ron, what is the story with the Bardenas Reales? I was under the impression that the army has a shooting/bombing range there. They are an amazing formation – would love to explore the area. Black and white works for your image. I would love to see a color image too.

    • Thanks, Mark, (sorry for late reply) it was a just after sunset shot, therefor the long shadows, still the light was too harsh to do it in color and also the shapes look better like this i think! All the best to you, Ron.

    • Thank you, Louis, I guess the Ebro did do some work in this valley but most of it must be erosion after the Spanish cut old the forest around this area to make it a desert! Greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks Luddy, hope to start a project for funding this trip with a photo by choice or maybe even a photobook or such if i make my goal; will have to figure it out, but definitely want to try that!
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Hola Margaret, thanks, thinking bout visiting Aragon and all for couple of weeks and try to back it with a funding project where people can invest and later on get photos or a photobook or such when its done. But want to do it right if i want to have any kind of chance 😉
      greetings, hope all is well, Ron

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