Joe Strummer Plaza

Joe Strummer Plaza II

Here’s a new one from my favorite street artist El niño de las pinturas on a square in his hometown Granada in the South of Spain.
This square was recently renamed to Joe Strummer Plaza in memoriam of the frontman of legendary punkband the Clash.

(1/320, F5.6, ISO200, 28mm)

PS. This photo was taken on a recent roadtrip through Andalusia in full spring, which was amazing. Unfortunately my laptop was stolen from the car, so didn’t have time to do any posting and also missing a couple of weeks of photos and remakes (luckily did some backups in time!). But with my camera in hand I did come back with some new photos, so I will be posting more frequently from now again… 

29 thoughts on “Joe Strummer Plaza

    • Oh, well, luckily i knew the first (of 4) time i went; el niño de las pinturas is one of my favorite graffitti-artists and his neighbourhood in Granada is full of his work… Thanks and cheers, Ron.

    • GRacias, Meg, sorry for late reply, but so nice to hear the appreciation for the Clash, glad to have made your day a bit brighter!
      Warm greetings from Spain, Ron.

    • Hola, Beli, sorry for the late reaction, very flattered with your nomination, thanks for taking an interest to my photos!
      Hope all is (still) well, all the best, Ron.

    • Hi, Noeline, sorry for coming back to you so late, trying to catch up on responding! You are a big supporter, very much appreciate that!
      Luckily i forgot my old laptop, and very happy that the most personal non-material stuff was backupped or not taken 😉
      THanks so much, greetings, Ron.

    • Gracias, disperser, not a huge fan myself i was intrigued first by the graffiti-artist but seems Joe strummer did lots of stuff for local bands in Granada at some point, so thats cool!
      Thanks for the comment, Ron.

    • Thanks, Louis, great to see you like it as well, very sober compared to his other stuff but suits the subject i thought
      Greetings, Ron

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