The Last of the Moors

The Last of the Moors

A little breather on the steamy dark series of the Moorish baths to show you one of the most amazing Arabic structures I´ve seen in Spain. I tried to frame as much possible details of the whole scene with my wide angled 10mm lens.
This is the gilded mihrab, an entrance to the prayer niche and its dome in the great mosque Mezquita in Cordóba.

(1/40, F4, ISO800, 10mm)


43 thoughts on “The Last of the Moors

    • Thank you very much, Lynne! This is such an amazing place and this arch was my favorite. Also nice to be there really early cuz the first view hours its not allowed for groups and relatively quiet and free too… Warm greetings, Ron.

    • Hola Virginia,

      Same here (found your blog!), so nice to see all the tips you have on Madrid, will definitely check some of those, thanks and nice to hear you enjoy some of my photos, saludos, Ron.

  1. The Mezquita is one of the, if not the, most sublimely beautiful buildings it has been my pleasure to visit. Personally I think it was an act of vandalism (albeit a while ago now!) to knock a whole in the roof and build the Cathedral. Impressive it certainly is but, for me, it exuded power rather than a sense of peace. Congratulations on a great shot. I know how difficult this is to photograph!

  2. Insanely great picture Ron. Pure genius ! Please let me know your thoughts on our latest story. For sure it will inspire you! I also hope you are more than well. Thank you so much for this great article, Kindest regards, Your friend, N. Merrynote

  3. Both a beautiful spectacle for your heartfelt position to it, and for the structure itself,
    which is amazing and unknown to me. You do the baths proud, and inform. I’m
    going to look up more about this place. Thanks.

    • Thanks Mark, pretty difficult to capture with low light and short time, but luckily there was a fence to rest my camera on 😉
      All the best, Ron.

    • Thanks, Tina, totally true, was lucky to rest my camera on a fence here, otherwise i couldnt get the minimal light in and the details out 🙂
      have a great weekend,

    • Hi Allan, nice thought; last year saw an exhibition in Granada of his work cuz it was so many years ago that he visited the Alhambra for the 2nd time and you could see the change in his work afterwards. Funny cuz my dad was a huge fan of him and being a fellow dutchmand he is pretty famous in Holland, never knew he was influenced by arabic geometric art, but once youve seen it, its pretty obvious!
      It is natural lighting in the sense i had to do with just a view lamps here and there and the mostly very dark corridors.
      Thanks for your appreciation, have a great weekend, Ron.

  4. You have captured this incredible building very well. It is difficult to express the essence of the Mezquita in still images. What an advanced people the Moors were, in science and medicine as well as architecture.

    • So true, Louis, the essence of the place is impossible to capture. For me the essence had to be found in its arabic origin, so the cathedral the catholics built in the middle was excluded. Obviously this being the main prayer niche directed to Mekka and most decorated piece in the building I thought this came closest!
      Totally agree with you and if I compare there palaces for instance with those of their contemporaries they were way ahead with irrigation, light, shadow, art combined with architecture its unbelievable.
      Greetings and thanks for all your support always, Ron.

    • Gracias, Angeline!
      This was just the part i thought i could capture, the vastness and amazing detail and weird cathedral in the middle of it all is a sight to see!
      Went there before the crowds, from 8:30 til 10:00 its free and groups are prohibited, so nice and relatively quiet for such a popular place.
      Thanks for your appreciation, have a great day, Ron.

    • Hi Derrick, so true, even thought about that couple of times when sightseeing all this arabic art, but especially happy some Spanish were smart enough to keep some of this amazing buildings and not destroy all of it; the moor prisoners that were brought to this mezquita in Cordóba to pledge their faith to the Catholic church thought it was strange to see so much muslim religion still there…
      thanks for the thought, greetings, Ron.

    • Yep, there´s no picture that can do justice to the vast space with its arches, so i didn´t even try, but this amazing arch with its details could just fit into my frame!
      thanks for the comment and good day to you, Ron.

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