Another one from the moorish bath Bañuelo in Granada (11th century).
These baths were very important to the muslims to bathe before prayer and for socializing.

(1/50, F5, ISO800, 10mm)

28 thoughts on “Starlight

    • Thanks very much, Stevie! The ones in the Alhambra were actually the first I saw and made me come up with this idea of the light holes vs textures series; thats why i did some research on these baths before going on revisits of Andalucia.
      Cheers, Ron.

  1. Sin Duda Algunas Nos Estas Mostrando Una Parte De La Historia Muy Desconocida Para La Gran Mayoría De Nosostros… Son Fotografías Muy Buenas, Un Placer Poder Visitar Tu Blog. Saludos.

  2. Me encanta estos lugares. Se están abriendo cada vez más establecimientos que simulan los ambientes de entonces (Baños Árabes). En mi ciudad se va a sumar otro establecimiento al que hay. Saludos.

  3. They’ve made this incredible night sky out of daylight, really remarkable place. I take it the baths are no longer in use as baths, though it’s a lovely thought that something so ancient would be carried into modern times. I think we’re missing something with all the brilliant white fixtures and walls of today, this is magical stuff you’ve found.

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