Murallas de Albarracín

(1/200, f9, iso-100, 17mm)

 Enjoying life and traveling way too much lately, so photographing is secondary but especially post-processing the batch I already have, but will try to step up the pace…

These are thunderstorms arriving over the ancient walls of the town of Albarracín, one of the prettiest villages I´ve seen in Spain. Also taken on my last roadtrip through the amazing province of Aragon.

66 thoughts on “Thunderwall

  1. Great intensity in this image. The contrast of the sharp detail & intense colour in the foreground with the open dark space of the storm clouds is very effective. Well done. 🙂

    • It´s still my better half, i hope 😉
      No, not too much on this one, colors i dont tend to tweak, b&w yes, but color only white balancing and standard easy stuff from RAW!
      Greetings, Ron.

  2. Your image is bristling with textures and colours and the composition allows the viewers eye to move around the picture to enjoy them all. Nice work.

  3. Good morning
    Huge expanses, gigantic universe.
    Beautiful thanks for the love researches-
    Please click on the links, then you come to the respective daily on Friday that I even made some time ago.Have fun, Andrea

  4. I thought that if I looked hard and long i’d find something about “Thunderwall” that I didn’t like………………wrong~!! Great photo of a great location.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Haha, thats great, thanks, Richard, glad you took time out to see all there is and still with so much in it couldnt find anything 🙂
      You´re very welcome and thank you for your enthousiasm, Ron.

    • Hola Amy, thank you very much! Majestically it would withstand this storm too, probably not the first nor the last 😉
      Greetz from Spain, Ron.

  5. So many felicities all in one photo! The strong walls (reminded me also of The Great Wall), the dramatic thunderclouds, the wonderful accents of red of the wildflowers — but especially the infusing the whole thing with a painterly finish. You manage that often, and I can’t figure out quite how you do it, but boy, I wish I could do it too!
    This one is especially stunning.

    • Hi Judith, thanks very much for showing such a profound interest in; this would look great huge i would think, with all the colorful flowers and bircks in the wall!
      Guess I am lucky to be at great places and sometimes even on the right time; here i was lucky – cuz it was middle of the day and too much light – that the dark clouds came in to darken the sky for me…
      Much appreciated, all the best, Ron.

    • Thanks, Stevie, was more important to be fast before the storm came, the composition was pretty obvious (i thought)
      Have a great week, Ron.

    • Thank you very much, Truels, it wasnt too hard to capture the color as it was in full sunlight; had to be quick as the storm was coming fast and would block out my light. Ofcourse it was less of a problem when it hit us an hour later while having tapas on a terrace 😉
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Dank je, was gelukkig (fotografisch) met die donderwolk, maar had ons later dorpje verder echt niet op het terras hoeven komen lastig vallen 😉
      groet, Ron.

    • Youre very welcome – thanks for your enthousiasm; the least I could do apart from enjoying this country to the fullest is taking some time out to show it to others. Most people unfortunately know Spain only by its overcrowded beaches! Have a great day, Ron.

    • Thank you, Ann-Christine, the flower season is so beautiful all around Spain! Nice to hear you enjoy it, would even be better bigger with more possibilities of watching the detail in the flower and all. Greeting,s Ron.

  6. I love Albarracin, Ive been there in snow and sun, we spend alot of time in Murcia, just down the road! What a magical little place, even better in the winter when the tourists stay away. Suerte

    • Hola Leroy, amazing village and such a dramatic location, travelled through Aragon a lot but hadnt seen Albarracín yet, not too busy when I was there…
      Thanks for stopping by, all the best, saludos,Ron.

    • Gracias, Melinda, the view was impressive without the dark sky, but was definitely needed in this way to happy picture til then 😉
      Greetings, Ron.

  7. I’m glad you took a break from your travels to share this wonder with us. What an amazing site. THe wild flowers provide such beautiful punctuation to an incredible wallscape. Is this like the “Great Wall” where you can walk on it? I only ask because it feels like the same sort of magnificence.

    • You´re very welcome, Terry! on this trip I wasnt so much photographing but more enjoying the sights and traveling with a friend, but this opportunity was too obvious, the flower season over here is so impressive, also in the South where I was just before this. Dont think you can walk on these walls nowadays, in the old days the towers were definitely climbable but dont know about the walls then. They look as dramatic as the Great Wall sometimes cuz they conquer mountains and canyons just like it I suppose.
      Thanks and have a great weekend, Ron.

    • Hola Eduardo, very obvious composition indeed, didnt see any other option to include the different parts! Oops, sorry for that, would love to help you out if there was suggestions I could make, Albarracín was a first for me, but beautiful, did see more of the South than ever before this time around and must say – Wow, Hemingway was right when he compared the green hills of South Aragon with the slopes of the Kilimanjaro 🙂
      Happy travels and like i said glad to help, Ron.

  8. Stunning colors, that rich ochre land into the orange stone and Prussian blue sky is amazing. Heroic scene, small wonder you’re enjoying it. Also amazing is that yesterday I re-discovered an old tape of Verdi’s obscure and thunderous ‘Ernani’, done brilliantly at the Met by Luciano Pavarotti who plays Don Juan of Aragon! And there it is, Verdi’s vision! You have just added considerably to the whole experience. You’re in one magnificent place indeed.

    • Wow, thank you very much, Barbara. So great to hear it was a small addition to your listening experience, would have been a great combination with this photo. Thanks for pointing me there and definitely loving sights like these although after a week of Spanish summer the flowers vanished very fast and everything dried out. Have a great day and thanks again for the great comment, all the best, Ron.

    • Hola Harrie, dank je wel, lees zojuist dat je onderweg bent naar Tercui, ken toevallig Nederlandse kunstenaar Harm die daar (gedeeltelijk) woont, paar jaar terug nog geweest; wat een toeval, schitterende omgeving, ken veel mensen in Graus en Centenera, leuk om je fotos te zien, groet, Ron.

      • Hola Ron. Leuk dat je Harm kent en wel eens in Tercui geweest bent. Vorig jaar nog kunst gemaakt met hem in het meer van Graus. Het is met Harm begonnen daar in Tercui, toen mijn zus een beeldhouw/schilder vakantie ging doen bij hem. Daarna kocht ze ook een huis daar. De weg omhoog is nu verhard en er zijn meer huizen bewoond door nederlanders. Er wordt serieus over sceptic tanks gedacht… Adios!

        • Ha wat grappig, spreek bijna altijd met Harm af als ik in de buurt ben en dat is vaak bij het meer of Las Forcas maanjde terug nog met hem en MAnfred wezen eten, altijd lachen! Ken de dorpen daar vrij goed, redelijk bewoond Tercui, vrienden van mij wonen in Centenera stukje boven Graus, nog meer geruineerd maar zij hebben hun huizen al aardig netjes incl sceptic tanks 🙂
          Fijne vakantie en doe Harm de groeten van Ron als je hem ziet

    • Hola Dave, thanks! Definitely wortht he interest, this village is dramatically located in a great canyon with a beautiful medieval old town! Always enjoying my travels, will be sharing more sights of this one trip. Greetings, Ron.

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