Lost Mountain

Lost Mountain

(1/640, f5.6, iso-200, 179mm)

The first sunrays of the day shining through the clouds on the top of Monte Perdido, with its 3355m the third highest peak in the Spanish Pyrenees.
The name Monte Perdido meaning Lost Mountain comes from the French Mont Perdu, who at times couldn´t see it because it disappeared behind its neighbouring peaks; the Spanish translated it literally, but didn´t understand the name as it was always visible to them…
This was my wake up view when camping out in the mountains a month ago.

87 thoughts on “Lost Mountain

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  2. Fantastic light! Exciting! The first peak from the right results, it is sunlit, I see a very big fantasy animals with very head.

    • Thank you, i love the mighty feel these mountains give and hopefully the contrasty b&w gives the viewer some of that feelings!
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Wow, Dave, thats very flattering to hear; when i´m in the lucky spot to view and photograph pieces of nature like this my main goal is to catch something that i felt and saw to make the viewer at least feel a bit like that. I try to keep that feel in postprocessing. Thanks so much, guess mother nature is the biggest artist for starters 😉
      All the best, Ron.

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  4. That’s a stunning shot. You caught the hidden mountain beautifully, and I like the name, it adds mystery which is always good for mountains.
    What an amazing sight to wake up to…..I have to confess that I was thinking you were a die hard mountaineer climbing during the night to catch these first muted rays….really wonderful.

    • Thank you, Seonaid! I knew one of these was Monte perdido when I took the photo, always fascinated with its name as well, so was nice to find out that the one that was enlightened on this photo is it. Very easily to spot from the Spanish side, especially with the sun pointing it out!
      I guess my Jeep is the mountaineer and I´m on his back to document wherever he goes, no like to hike as well, mountainclimbing would be great, but havent gone that far yet 😉
      Have a wonderful day and thanks for your interest, greetings, Ron.

    • Haha, well there wasnt a hotel on top of the hill we camped out on, only an old empty church and sleeping in the back of my Jeep wasnt the best I only remember waking up to such an amazing view, totally forgot everything else.
      Thanks for your comment, George, and greetings from Spain, Ron.

    • Thanks, Derrick, the main problem with capturing it was the early hour and my eye sight hadnt woken up totally, glad i could review it later 😉
      Greetz, Ron.

    • Oh wow, thank you very much, Jo, thats magnificent to hear. Was so lucky to find the sun pointing out the perfect top 😉
      All the best to you, Ron.

    • Thanks a lot, Philipp, very happy and lucky ot have this view and photo, although i dont think I´ll would forget it without this result 😉
      All the best, Ron.

    • Hi Jim, well it was a very rugged 8km uphill 4×4 route to get there but then seeing the sunset and sunrise over the whole of the High Pyrenees was totally worth it.
      Thanks for your comment, greetings, Ron

    • Haha, gracias, Vera, dark and moody was the way this day started but as usually in Spain it became a bright on in the end!
      All the best, Ron.

    • Thank you, David, well there was more to camping than this as I slept in the back of my Jeep and it wasnt too comfortable but waking up to sights like this made me forget all of that for sure. Greetings and all the best to you, Ron.

  5. magnifique… je le connais! 🙂 Me encantan las montañas y siempre he tenido la suerte de vivir cerca de los Pirineos franco-españolas… 🙂
    Thanx for droppinng by the new playground y hasta luego! 🙂 Friendly greetings from across the French-Spanish border, olé! 🙂

    • Hola, Melanie, me encantan tambien. Its a shame I moved from Zaragoza to Madrid and am further away from them, although there is some beautiful naturaleza around here too, it snot as magnificent as the Pyrenees! Youre welcome, enjoyed it, greetings from the middle of Spain!

      • Madrid is O.K. – even though my favourite Spanish city is Valencia… 🙂 I love las Canarias, too… 🙂 As for los Pireneos, I adore them! 🙂 My very best and hasta pronto, amigo! 🙂

    • Definitely! Although 4 hours sleep was a bit short there was no way I was not gonna enjoy this view 😉
      Thanks, Angeline, hope all is well

    • Thank you, Jeff! At first I was a bit disappointed in the cloudy sunrise but then the sun started peaking thru at the right spot and it was an amazing sight!
      Have a great day, Ron.

    • So true and totally realized this as this was only part of a 360º view, but had to put in the effort of getting there and waking up at sunset, although sleeping in my Jeep with its back to the mountains the first light woke me up and there was no way I was going back to sleep 😉
      Thanks and have a great day, Ron.

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