Angel de Flores

Angel de Flores

This is a photo I took around two years ago on an early morning walk in the old city cemetery in Zaragoza, Spain.
I posted this before, but made some small adjustments to strengthen the feeling of the early morning stillness that it transports me back to…

(1/125, F6.3, ISO100, 25mm)

60 thoughts on “Angel de Flores

    • She is, isn´t see? of all the centuries old stuff in this part of the cemetery this stood out for me cuz of it´s simplicity which made it the more evocative, i thought! Thanks for all the support, Meg, all the best to you, Ron.

    • Hola Maria,

      Thank you very much, it was such a tranquil time early dawn with those blue skies and first sunlight; it was just u`p to me to capture it 😉

      All the best, Ron.

  1. I like the morning warmth of the sun on the angels wings and it’s glow through the flower petals. I also like the position of the flower stem leading into the angel wings. Very nicely composed.

    • Thanks very much, Jeff, i liked the shaped wings as flowers and vice versa too and the different lights they produced fromt he same source!
      Appreciate your keen eye and interest on this one, thanks, Ron.

    • Hi Seonaid, thanks for stopping by and the kind comment! Every time i go out early (and i am a night person!) the light and serenity of that time of day amazes me, almost like still dreamin…. 😉
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Hi, Melinda, thanks for your keen eye, thats what i thought was really nice too, lilies like angel wings and vice versa! Thought it was nice the little angel carried some flowers too 😉
      Warm greetings from Madrid, Ron.

    • Thanks very much, Amy, such a serene place and amazing sculptures to memorate all around the cemetery, very impressive at that time of day!
      All the best, Ron.

    • Aaah, knowledge on the flowers as well, thanks, knew that they were lilies; they were beautiful and the colours of them are a great example i think of how nature provides us with colors that we cannot imitate, love it! Warm greetz from spain, Ron.

    • Hola Barb, thanks very much, it´s a pretty well known perspective but with this light and craftmanship (of the carvings) I thought there was no other way to compose 😉
      Have a great day, Ron.

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