Shine on you crazy diamond part I

Shine On You Crazy Diamond part I

Close view of the Bodega Irius near Monzón in the Somontano wine region in Northern Spain.
A long time ago I put up another view of this same building.
For as far as I remember this is the first time I used anything different than Black & White or Color in my photos, but the depth I wanted was in the blue this time.

(1/24, F8, ISO100, 24mm)

55 thoughts on “Shine on you crazy diamond part I

    • Hola Alli, so sorry for late reply, but with all these abstract photos it can be handy to have a full view 😉
      Hope all is well, Ron.

  1. This is so beautiful, as though its made of carefully cut blocks of ice. Your photo makes me want to reach out and touch this building, to feel that texture under my fingertips. So beautiful ….

    • Hi Seonaid, another oldie which I shamefully forgot to answer, sorry! It reminded me of Gehry´s work with its metallic reflecting plates and those do so well in the Spanish sun 😉
      Guess it would have been a bit too hot to handle, although you wouldnt say!
      Thank you and greetings from Malaysia (now), Ron.

    • Thanks, Mark, sorry i didnt reply earlier 😉
      And only now it gets easier to watch my old photos of Spain again…
      Hope all is great, greetz, Ron.

  2. Stunning building and what color! Looks like molten glass used on the surface, must be a total delight to stand next to something like that. It’s a joy to see such great inventive structures rising out of the ground and you’ve got a great heart and eye finding them.

    • Hola Barbara, very late on this one but thanks so much for accompanying my photos with your writing talent!
      This was such a find, looked like a Gehry building at first sight but definitely a character of its own from close range.
      Have a great day, Ron.

    • Hi Malin, thanks and one of mine too, although i like lots of em 🙂
      All the best to you and maybe not commenting too often, but really admiring your blog and personal touch!
      Greetz, Ron.

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