Left the Building


 The End is near! After three years of roaming the backroads of Spain the time has come to move on…

There´s more than enough photos in my archive to keep this going for years and years (and I will), but from december 1 the influences from Kuala Lumpur, my new home, and South East Asia will become noticeable.

Very sad to leave this amazing country but also very excited to find out what will make my photographic clock tick in those parts. The silence here was partly due to visiting KL for a ´tasting´ trip and preparations, but now the melancholy of leaving sets in and will make me go through all these amazing sights and scenes I found the last couple of years and make sure I put them on here.

This photo was taken two days ago on the old gravel backroad from Navalcarnero to Sevilla La Nueva, my home as it is. It´s a bunch of small houses and caravans on a piece of land abandoned after a fire and probably in a hurry.

Hope you´ll join me on this journey forwards and backwards…

(1/30, F5, ISO800, 10mm)

74 thoughts on “Left the Building

    • Thanks a lot, Ray, and sorry for late reply, wish I could enter that room again or at least explore the place 😉
      but this is as close as it gets nowadays
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Hola Maria, it really happened, still weird to see photos and articles about Spain, but although totally different this place is very interesting so far as well, stil looking for something as inspiring and photogenic as all these abandoned places, but we´ve oly just begun…
      Hope all is well, sorry for late reply, but your supporting enthousiasm is much appreciated, thanks very much, Ron.

  1. You do this type of shot so well, so very well. Spain must be a great place to explore in depth. But I doubt you’ll have any difficulty finding inspiration elsewhere, because it’s inside you, I think.

    • Thanks a lot, Lynn, thats so great to hear, Spain has been awesome and definitely hope to go back and visit and photograph some of these very interesting places. Thanks for your confidence, hope i wont dissappoint, it has been different here but also very interesting!
      Sorry for late reply, but your support is much appreciated, greetings, Ron.

    • Thank you very much for stopping by, Ama and leaving your kind comment!
      Totally love my new home, although Spain is dearly missed, cannot have it all 😉
      Hope all is well, greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks for your interest, Candace! Really enjoy this new adventure, almost makes me forget the old ones, but luckily not totally 😉
      Hope all is well, greetings, Ron.

  2. Wonderful photograph… It talks by itself…. Good Luck in your new home and new voyage. Thank you for visiting my blog, and Thank you for sharing with us, with my love, nia

    • Thank you very much and always a pleasure to see your blog(s). Very happy in this new place, although Spain is dearly missed. But we cant live in two places all at once, can we? Just trying to make up for it by traveling lots 😉
      All the best to you too, Ron.

  3. Another terrific shot-I can only imagine how difficult it might be to leave Spain-your photographs have done an amazing job of evoking a time and place in that nation. The colors and subjects really were evocative of the history and culture–just really good stuff and I thank you. Good luck on your new adventure. I will be looking forward to seeing how you describe your new home through the lens.

    • Hi Meg and so sorry for late reply! Thats so kind of you to say and i want to thank you sincerely for all your enthousiasm. For me it definitely is and will be a great collection of memories and maybe some nice photos too; so far havent revisited my immense archives of Spain too much, still feels awkward, but it will happen and there´s so much of em i want to show and try to see if I can make em part of that collection!
      And so far enjoying this part of the world very much; the huge differences makes it (luckily) impossible to compare…
      Hope I can make some new lasting memories here, all the best to you, warm greetings, Ron.

    • Haha, not sure yet, Alli, but the Good , the Bad & the Ugly they understand as well, making communication a bit more easy than here, i suppose..
      Hope everything is ok with you
      Warm greetings from Spain, Ron.

    • Hi David, thanks, those are my favorite subject, with texture, color, light, hope to find something as fascintating ont he other side.
      Adios, Ron.

    • Hi Stuart, thats cool to hear, personally South America will always be an interesting place too, but there are so many, and not haveing travelled at all in South East Asia, this is gonna be a great opportunity and I know the rural areas of Spain and its desolate scenes will stay here for a long time…
      Greetz, Ron.

      • I’ve spent a lot of time in Brazil, which I absolutely love, though so far nowhere else in SA…As you say so many places to go…
        Spain is still doing it for me at the moment but I know that my feet will get that itch again..
        Anyway have a great time and I look forward to photos..Lots of photos!

  4. Safe travels; you have captured some wonderful memories of your time in Spain, and now it’s time to move on and make more memories. I’m looking forward to your new abode.

    • Thank you, Angeline, for all the comments and enthousiasm, hope i can keep on doing that, although some subject will have to change, but there´s thousands of photos from Spain, waiting to be looked at in a nostalgic feel when i´m far away from here…
      All the best, Ron.

    • Thats very kind of you to say, Melinda, hope to find somethng on the other side that intrigues me and the viewers as much as this beautiful country!
      Thanks for all your support and keep up your own great quest, greetings, Ron.

    • Hola MM, thanks and this will slowly turn into a mix of my Spain and whatever attracts me photographically in Malaysia; so much to see in South East Asia, gonna be very adventurous 😉
      Hasta luego, Ron.

    • Hi Patti, very nice of you to say, lucky to be seeing so much, but a little sad to leave such an amazing country behind as well!
      All the best to you, Greetings, Ron.

  5. Bon voyage. This is an interesting quest/adventure you’re on. The
    photographs of desolate old Spain landscape, light and structures have been beautiful and rare.
    I look forward to the next leg of your journey.

    • Hi Barbara, thank you very much! Hope to try to find something as intrigueing over there as those amazing textures and lights in this country, gonna be difficult, but interesting too. Thanks for all your unthousiastic and literate comments, greetings, Ron.

  6. Dat zal een hele overgang zijn, Ron. Van verlaten plekken in Spanje, naar enorme wolkenkrabbers in Kuala Lumpur. Al het beste daar! ; ben benieuwd naar je foto’s. Groet, harrie.

    • Zo, dat kan je wel zeggen, ja, gaan wel iets buiten extreme chaotische centrum van KL zitten! Dank je en kan me niet voorstellen dat ik hier niet terug zou komen, gelukkig hebben we de foto´s nog 😉
      Groet, Ron.

  7. Oh, I’ll join you alright. It sounds exciting. But I hope you’ll keep your promise of continuing to post these wonderfully evocative shots from the backwaters of Spain. Good luck and all good wishes

    • Hola, Margaret, thanks so much for all the support, so many stuff in my archives that , like I said, i can and will be going through them with lots of nostalghia once I left, i suppose 😉
      All the best to you too, Ron.

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