Been enjoying my last steps in Spain before leaving and trying to see and enjoy as much of the scenery, people and life here. Last weekend was spent in Zaragoza to see and enjoy that amazing city for the last time.
This photo is taken on a stroll around Sevilla La Nueva during sunset last week.

(1/5, F9, ISO100, 16mm)

101 thoughts on “Sunwaves

  1. Thank you for liking “The Unexpected.” I agree with everyone else here — this is an amazing sunset photo. The timing of this shot is great. The colors of the sunset are so intense right before the sun fades into the black of night. Well done! 🙂

    • Thanks very much and also for having a look here and going back a little in time 😉
      Always say to fellow photographers (some want to leave as soon as the sun is gone!), just after the sun is gone it gets prettier and prettier!
      All the best ot you, Ron.

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    • Thanks, Sreejith, and sorry for being so late in replying, can you imagine it was just a puddle i used for the reflection? 😉
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Hola Maria, thanks so much for your support, very encouraging! Sorry for being so late in replying, but still enjoy it as much 🙂
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Gracias, Paula and sorry for seeing this comment only just now, guess the move put me out of the blogosphere for a while 😉
      greetz, Ron.

            • Most of the times it´s about 2-3 years! Well at the moment its the wife doing the working, so sightseeing,photographing etc and slowly in process of trying to start up something with my (better) photos 😉

                • Thought so 😉 thanks very much, Paula same to you!
                  Always see lots of photos of your travels, but havent figured out what you call home?

                • My home is in Zagreb, capital of Croatia. Graffiti pic was taken in my neighbourhood which is very versatile from 4* hotels to dilapidated houses. Funny cause it is only 20 minutes walk from the town’s main square.

                • Ah, i remember some post now, ofcourse, sorry!
                  Spent two days there long time ago on train travels thru Europe; liked it and the trainride out to the coast thru the mountains was really beautiful! Also remember that square vividly and also a museum i visited with such amazing paintings, especially remember a Rubens i saw there, with his fat babies in the sky 😉

                • Aarghh, pfew, maybe 15 years ago (yep, now i feel old)?! Not too far a walk from the square, cannot remember the name, will look into it, cannot handle not-knowing 😉

                • Looking at it, that must be the one, some nice stuff there! If you´re interested in painters from that time, its worth it i guess!

                • You have given me an idea. When the weather turns sour I will go on museum hunt all over the city and make a post about my findings 😀

                • Ah, cool, its always when your in your own city you dont do the things you would do when traveling, but enjoy the weather 😉
                  If not illegal and youre there, please make a photo of that Rubens or shouldnt i spoil the memory? hmmm!

    • Hola Lindsay, thanks for stopping by! Sorry for late response, but by now my time in Spain is over and enjoying the scenery around Kuala Lumpur and Sout East Asia, different and still miss Spain, but always more to explore 😉
      hope all is well, greetz, Ron.

    • Thank you very much, Seonaid! Sorry for being so late…
      The water was just a puddle, which made the water even better for a relfection 😉
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Hello Otto, thanks very much for the appreciation and I guess its been much more time ago by now (sorry for that)!
      Very flattered you took the time to look and nominate my blog; don´t do awards really, maybe too lazy, but it´s still an honor!
      Keep up your great blogging work and see you around hopefully,

    • Thanks, Lautal! Sorry for being more than half year later with my reply, but appreciate your interest as much 😉
      Hope all is great still, Ron.

    • Hola John,
      Sorry to be so late, admiring youre latest posts on wildasturias too, still around on this blog and mostly going thru archives of España and some reposting 😉
      Gracias y saludos, Ron.

    • Dank je, Mark! Beetje laat, maar nu kan ik ook weer even terug en wegdromen naar die prachtige zonsondergangen boven de Madrileens sierra´s!
      Groet, Ron.

    • Hi Janaline, sorry for such late reply, guess wasnt too alert around moving from Spain to Malaysia 😉
      Thanks very much and as vivid as the image are the memories luckily.
      Enjoy your travels, Ron.

    • Hi Patti, so sorry for late reply, missed some replies around that time, i suppose 😉
      But thanks nonetheless, does feel like a long time ago and far away by now, but still remember all those amazing sunsets just around the corner!
      Thanks for still being around, greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks so much, Lisa, thats great to hear! Its actually just a puddle which I transformed into some sort of lake for the photo 😉
      Hope all is great, greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks, Amy! When I was home during sunset i never forgot to make the walk just in time to see the sun hit the sierra 😉
      Have a great weekend (and sorry for replying so late),

    • Hola Alli, actually its just a rain puddle, but yeah they filled the surrounding arroyos tambien 😉
      hope all is great, have a good weekend, Ron.

    • Hi Barbara, thats so true and the further away in space and time it feels now the more precious my journey thru and around Spain becomes. Slowly going through my photos to see what I didnt see at first and lots of memories come back…
      Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for your enhtousiasm and beautiful words always,

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