Watching Lions

Watching Lions

Last week of my Spanish adventure has started and last weekend was spent in beloved Zaragoza,
where we started our journey 3 years ago.
Still the amazing city it was and even enhanced by some street-art courtesy of the 8th Asalto street-art festival.
This is one of the recent pieces on the path along the river Ebro next to the old Roman bridge.

(1/80, F8, ISO100, 10mm)

22 thoughts on “Watching Lions

    • Hola Eduardo,
      Regretting is way too big a word for me, miss it sometimes but got a great new adventure in return!
      Thanks for your luck wish, hope all is great with you too and will be.
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Hola Alli,
      Yep the light in Spain is something else, combined with the tones of their buildings and landscape its uncomparable to any other place in the world I´ve seen!

      Gracias y saludos, Ron.

  1. Very nice photo!!! Zaragoza might not be as famous as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Sevilla but I love it. It’s an amazing city to take photos, not so crowded with lots of nice places and very friendly people…

    • Hola Frrancisco,

      I feel so fortunate having lived in Zaragoza, such a great example of a real Spanish city without all the tourists and therefor the ´wall´ that the Spanish built up and need in other cities you mentioned!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting y feliz año nuevo!

      Saludos, Ron.

  2. A good composition. The shape and size of the bridge’s arch is the same as the shape of the head on the ground. It is a simple image, yet loaded with information. I like it.

  3. Amazing lions, in full-blown guard stance, even the tails fierce and a wonderful touch in itself not often executed by sculptors, or lasting all this time. What an interesting place. Beautiful walls, artfully constructed.

    • They are such a strong sight together with this old roman bridge, always intrigued by em! The whole center of Zaragoza south of this bridge over the Ebro gives me this feeling of old times, a very interesting place to have admired and lived in!
      Thanks for your way with words, Barbara.

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