Flowers Must Die

Flowers Must Die

(1/243, F2.0, ISO100, 3mm?!?)

Another first: here´s the first photo on my blog that is taken with a smartphone (my Huawei P6)!

Although it does a decent job in good conditions and is in my pocket anyway, I long for my SLR everytime I see a real photo opportunity (but I thought it handled this one pretty well).

Have a great New Years Eve and all the best wishes for 2014!

65 thoughts on “Flowers Must Die

    • Hi Shabnam, sorry for late reply, thanks very much for your enthousiasm, my friend!
      Think I maybe have one more color of Frangipani left 😉
      Hope all is well, greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks very much, DJM, sorry for being so late in replying, but very flattered by you commenting here,
      Hope all is great, greetings, Ron.

  1. Thank you for “Liking” the post “Horrific”. Streets Of Our World. on my photography blog On behalf of the Through Harold’s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we truly appreciate your enjoyment. We hope you continue to join us on our journeys.  

    Best Regards,

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    • Hi Jo, sorry for being so my more belated, but thanks for the wishes, hope your year has been great so far and wish youa ll the best for the second half 😉
      And my resolution for the second half will definitely be more precise in responding to comments, cuz I think its very special still when viewers take the time out to express their thoughts in this fast moving web 🙂
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Hi Marion, well the first half of the year was very fruitful so far, i think 😉
      Sorry for being so late, but hopefully your first half of 2014 was great and all the best for the second half!
      All the best, Ron.

    • well, seemed like it was not the last at all 😉
      sorry (again) for being so late, trying to catch up on comment, and shamed to have missed so many
      really appreciate your enthousiasm and supprt, thanks for that
      all the best from KL, Ron.

    • Thank you very much, Annie, and sorry for being so late, hope to be more attentive from now on, but I must say this phone doesnt dissappoint as long as you dont make him do to difficult stuff 😉
      Hope all is still well, greetings, Ron.

    • Hi Patti, hope the first half of 2014 was good to you as well, thank you very much and very sorry to be so late in seeing and replying!
      Never thought about the fact that photographing it before it fades adds to the story as well…
      All the best to you, Ron

    • Thanks, Melinda, guess with these conditions it doesnt matter if I use a phone or my SLR, actually my phone even has macro so can get closer 😉
      A little belated, but hope you have a great 2014 so far and more to come
      All the best to you to, amiga.

    • Thanks very much, Barbara, and although a little late i hope this year brought and brings you good things!
      Your support and beautiful words continue to amaze me.
      Have a great weekend, Ron.

      • Your work is very inspiring to me, Ron. It produces good comments! The year is unfolding in some troublesome ways, but I’m very glad to be alive in it.
        You too, have a lovely new years, three months in.

  3. These phones do a nice job, and pretty much, you always have it with you for something you can’t pass up to capture. The color here is great.
    Happy New Year and wishes for a great 2014.

    • Hi Angeline, thanks for the compliment and i must admit these phones do a good job in daylight and good conditions, as soon as light fades or cirumcstances get more difficult they are in trouble, but during the day for shots like this its perfect and less heavy in this warm weather 😉
      Hope your 2014 is going great so far and wish you the best for the rest as well, sorry for late reply,

    • Op den valreep van 2013 en dat ik het vorig jaar niet gehaald heb is nog te volgen, maar niettemin erg tof om te lezen alhier, dank je, was mijn eerste creatieve idee alhier; op mijn dagelijkse wandeling de bukit af schoot ik in enen uit met navelstaren!
      Gegroent, amigo

    • Thanks, Mick! There is a weird soft spot on the bottom right hand corner, but for the rest it´s ok with these simple situations 😉
      Cheers, Ron.

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