The Land of the Rising Fish

Land of the Rising Fish

(1/1250, F4.5, ISO200, 74mm)

Our first trip outside the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur was to the old mining town of Ipoh, a three hour busride north. Apart from spending two days in an amazing (and luxurious) jungle spa, we visited some cave temples that are carved out of the limestone cliffs that surround the city.

This was taken at the entrance of the Taoist temple Ling Sen Tong.

22 thoughts on “The Land of the Rising Fish

  1. Hi Ron ! … Hope you have a great time in Malaysia … I´m sure there is lots of things to photograph there … looking forward to see your coming photos in your blog … // Maria 🙂

    • Oops, Hi Maria and very sorry to be such a slow responder here, hate it when that happens!
      Thanks to much for all your enthousiasm always, really big encouragement, hope all is great with you
      All the best from KL, Ron.

    • Thanks very much, enjoying the cultural differences in this country a lot!
      Sorry for answering so late, but appreciate you stopping by a lot, Annie!
      Hope all is still well, greetz, Ron.

    • Hello Andre, thank you for commenting and sorry for being so late in responding!
      Some of these sculptures in Chinese temples are so intrigueing I couldnt help but capture this dragonfish 😉
      Hope all is great, greetings, Ron.

    • Hi Judith, sorry for being so late, personally i dont have a clue what all the different religions and temples use of ornaments are, but these chinese cave-temples have lots of dragons and fish surrounding them, this was a nice mix 😉
      All the best to you, Ron.

    • Hi Mark, this is not good enough? Just kidding!
      Took me some time to acclimatise to heat; didnt feel like bringing my photobag and photographing, but slowly getting into it again …
      Have a great weekend, Ron

  2. Really stunning. I love this muscular/fragile look to it and the
    absolutely brilliant colors. Sounds like you’re seeing and doing
    fabulous things….all this and spa too.

    • Hello Barbara, thought this one stood out from all the sculptures, it literally and figurativel jumped of the wall.
      The spa was nice, but these things make it even more worthwhile.
      Thanks, Ron.

    • Hello Mike, first of all thanks for the compliment!
      Such an interesting and intrigueing place to visit, especially for a European who never saw something like this. The other cave temples in the near vicinity were also very impressive; als liked the fact they were still in normal use by the locals, didnt make me feel like a complete tourist 😉
      You have a great weekend, hope to see you around, Ron.

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