Flowers Must Die part IV

Flowers Must Die IV

(1/500, F5, ISO400, 35mm)

Another flower in the beginning of its decay. Still very much intrigued by the constant changing of the flora here, but definitely more other subjects from Malaysia and from good old Spain on the horizon…

20 thoughts on “Flowers Must Die part IV

    • Thats very nice of you to say, Sally. For me that means my photos say something apart from being merely ´pretty´!
      Thanks very much for your enthousiasm and interest.
      Warm greetings, Ron

    • Thanks so much, Karen, thats very nice of you to say. I just love to photograph different things, I only leave humans out of it 😉
      Warm greetings from Malaysia, Ron.

  1. What a range of reds, so beautiful. Are you not sharing some wordless philosophy with this series? Something about the beauty of death or loss of life. I’d like to hear more, should you choose, of what draws you to this.
    Or like your decayed architectural finds, life not ceasing but changing form.

    • Hola Barbara, i suppose all photos should have some wordless philosophy and I hope some of mine don´t need explaining? Not sure if it´s a philosophy or a fascination with the cycle of all things nature living, dying and giving energy and space to new life and our human intervention herein. My first steps into photography came when visiting Surinam over a decade ago and seeing all things human (ships, cars, all things not useful to us anymore) left to the jungle to recapture. I´m not a big fan to say the least of the human footprint and our interference with nature. Here even in the death of these flowers the human obstruction in the shape of pavements denying nature to recapture the energy it would give back to mother earth in the process. Still I believe nature can overcome it all…
      This is everywhere in my photos i think.
      hope all is well, thanks for your continuing interest, hugs, Ron.

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