All the Colors of the Dark

All the Colors of the Dark

A slowly fading part of a colourful piece of street art on an abandoned lot in Zaragoza.
It has been almost 4 years since we started our journey there and it feels far away and long ago from where I am at the moment, but still very familiar.

If you´ve never been and get the chance it´s highly recommended; it doesnt get more Spanish than there, even the double-decker bus tour doesnt include English…

(1/40, F5.6, ISO400, 10mm)

52 thoughts on “All the Colors of the Dark

  1. Thank you for liking my About page. I like the textures of the walls and the street art. Time and exposure have taken a toll on both, yet they remain interesting to look at even in a state of decay.

    • Hi Louis, luckily it is, cuz I´ve been away for more than half a year by now, but still lots of raw photos to go through and some reconstructing as well!
      Thanks so much for always having such a good look at them, very much appreciated!
      Have a great weekend, Ron

    • Hi Angeline, sorry for late reply (trying to catch up and be more precies about it!)!
      What I thought was interesting here was the ´new´ graffiti faded with this wall when it crumbles, but the colors were still bright!
      I read Otto´s article about your series and found it on your blog as will, don´t know how I missed that, but very touching story and you did an amazing job in telling that with those photos! Also part of the weird feeling was the fact that you were there while they were reconstructing adds to the feelings the photos gave…
      I sincerely hope everything will be very well with you and your family

    • Hi Patti, still not sure if the artist meant his piece to crumble with the old wall, but if that was intentional it´s genius, I think!
      Thanks so much for your enthousiasm always, hope all is great and sorry for getting back so late…
      Greetings, Ron

  2. Such interesting images. I don’t know if the street was improved by the graffiti or met with local protest, but it’s gorgeously painted.
    And I am touched by the courage of the purveyors to hit a crumbling wall, lichen covered, painting
    their hearts out. The music was like something from the origins of rock/jazz. Nice to
    see them lost in their art, too. In both cases, people pushing out what’s in their hearts and not centered
    on an audience. Rare finds, Ron.
    What a wonderful odyssey you’re on.

    • Hi Barbara, sorry for my late reply, trying to catch up and be more attentive, still think every comment is very flattering and really enjoy reading your thoughts and words…
      In this case the graffiti artist was asked to brighten up this empty lot; in Zaragoza and many other cities in Spain (and around the world nowadays) they invite artists over for festivals involving new pieces, for me definitely a form of art and especially when they made a connection with the surroundings like here!
      Also thought the music went well with it, like improvisational flashes of color and totally creative, always think that the art I love most, be it music, paintings graffiti, photos, is art made from the heart and not with any other goal in mind!
      Thanks so much for enjoying, hope all is well,

    • Thank you, Joylene, dont know if the artist knew the fading of the art and decay of the walls made it even more beautiful in my opinion 😉
      Have a good weekend, Ron.

    • Gracias, Carlos! Have to do some updating of my about-page/ youme 🙂
      well, we´ve left Holland 4 years ago for a project of my better half in Zaragoza, i quit my job too but impossible and unnecesary to get one there i havent worked since (hence journey), but focusing on traveling, enjoying nature and photographing. After over 2 years we went to a rural village outside Madrid for more than a year and now its been almost 4 months in Kuala Lumpur and we´ve only just begun 😉
      have a good weekend, greetz, Ron.

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