These are two abstracts from the beautiful natural granite and limestone Meditation cave in the Banjaran Hotsprings retreat.
This is were we spent our last christmas.

For the second time I used the wordpress gallery to better view them together and on their own (by clicking), like I did with the abandoned stairs diptych of Inside Snow AKA Negative Space.

…and find the same spots from a different angle!

(both 1/25, F3.5, ISO800, 10mm)

44 thoughts on “Creeps

      • My pleasure, Ron.
        Good images needs to be seen again and again. And I feel that people (in general) aren’t visiting each other’s archives so often… I often look into others archive and I also go back to some images… to look at them again. 🙂

    • Hi Della, thanks so much for your compliment, loved the abstractness of these walls and the shapes you can see in them!
      Have a great week, Ron.

    • Thank you so much, Meg, I thought they were a little bit unsettling with these dark holes and shapes, thats why I used that title 😉
      Hope all is great, thanks for always supporting my photos, greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks so much, Lisa! Only took 2 photos inside the cave cuz it was difficult to get proper light and I wanted to look around too, but happy to see they belong together 😉
      Have a great week, Ron.

    • Thank you, Maria, I guess it was alive with all the moist and lichens there, love it when nature paints its own canvas; its so much better than I will ever be in that 😉
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Emily, they were given to me on a plate, just had to handle the low light in there 😉
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Definitely was, apart from all the luxury it was a very cool place in the midst of jungle covered cliffs and caves like these, not bad at all 🙂
      Thanks and greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks very much, i like them together as well, also cuz they share a little bit of the wall from different pov 😉
      Definitely a good suggestion and its been almost half a year since I printed some of my stuff, must do soon!
      Have a great week, Ron.

    • Thanks very much, Angeline! I thought it was nice to have them together as well as they do share a little bit of the same wall 😉
      Hope you have a great week, Ron.

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