The Crawl

The Crawl

On my walk to the 12th century Monasterio de Bonaval (more later…) in the Sierra de Guadalajara to the North of Madrid
I spotted this ´wurm´ on its crawl through the muddy orange soil.
Although its been over a year these walks in those quiet valleys around Spain are still resonating in my head…

(1/640, F4, ISO200, 12mm)

61 thoughts on “The Crawl

    • Hi Noelle, thank you! The mud was such a bright orange in this valley and that also means the old buildings in the area carry the same color!
      Warm greetings from Malaysia, Ron.

  1. Estupendo! Your awareness of Spain’s special places and your skilled interpretation of what you see reminds me how much I love Spain. I walked from France to Spain across the Pyrenees last April on the first leg of our (modified) Camino Santiago. It was gruelling and spectacular. Being in the Basque country made me appreciate my home province of Québec more. The aspirations of both peoples are related. In 2011 we were in Spain and Morocco for over a month, soaking up the unique history and the beauty of Andalusía. We started in Madrid and went north of there to El Escorial, later to Salamanca. I will go back more times – both here on your site and to see yet more thought-provoking places.

    • Hello Bob, thanks very much for your visit!
      That must have been an amazing walk thru the Basque country and Pyrenees. I did a lot of hiking and roadtripping around Spain, mostly in Aragon, but got to visit lots of parts, last year we actually lived very close to El Escorial and the Sierras behind it were my favorite place to go; so quiet and green and endless views and still only an hour away from buzzling Madrid. Andalusia is also spectacular, its scenery and cities have such richness its unbelievable.
      Reading your comment and going through my archives makes me realize how much I love Spain too…
      Hope to see you around and all the best to you,

    • Thanks for stopping by and looking, Fi, and yeah it did an amazing job, took time and care to make this beautiful piece of art for me 😉
      Have a good weekend, Ron.

    • Hello Noeline, very strange scene indeed 😉
      I was happy with the colored mud and reflection of the trees, but it thought differently!
      Have a great weekend, Ron.

    • Thank you very much, Della, I cannot stop addressing the outstanding job this ´wurm´ did 😉
      Its made by both of us!
      Have a great weekend, Ron.

    • Thanks for looking so thorough, Alexandra, that was my part of the job 😉
      The wurm´s part was a bit more demanding it seemed.
      All the best, Ron.

    • Thank you, Mark, those colors were my main attraction at first, but that ´worm´ did a very interesting job composition-wise too 😉
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Ofcourse the creature here is the maina rtist and ´calligrapher´;)
      Definitely very nice to see him making his pattern; this was after coming back from my hike and making photos after an hour or so were he did this whole thing!
      Have a great week, greetz, Ron.

    • I´m not sure too! But why would he make all these nice circles otherwise?
      Thanks very much for your enthousiasm, Angeline, much appreciated.

  2. Very delightful find. I especially admire the pale blue surprise of the top waterway and reeds. Almost the look of a cave painting, until I realized I am looking at it all from above. It feels as if you stumbled on some secret ancient find, good eye.

    • Thanks, Barbara, it was such an incredible sight even without the worms signature with the orange and pruple hues but its work was the finishing touch this photo needed, for which I owe this creature 😉
      All the best and warm greetings from Malaysia, Ron.

    • Thank you, Seonaid, it was, wanted to wait what he was making, but seeing as this was on my return after an hour and a half´s walk it could take very long 😉
      All the best to you, greetz, Ron.

  3. De worm heeft een lange weg afgelegd, wonderlijk die kleur van de modder. Maar ja… Spanje daar is de modder natuurlijk anders.
    Het is een mooie abstracte en kleurrijke foto geworden.

    • Hoi Leo, ja die worm is daar wel even zoet mee geweest; ik ben meer dan een uur wezen wandelen en toen ik terug kwam had ie net een paar rondjes gecirkeld 😉
      Dit gebied kenmerkt zich door rood/oranje gesteente en dus modder en dorpen en kerken in die kleuren!
      Dank je, groet, Ron.

  4. Great picture, love the brightness of the orange. It makes you wonder about the path the wurm has to crawl..

    • Gracias, funny thing is this was at the end of my hike to the monastery, took me all together more than hour I think to get back and it just made this for me, such a kind little creature 😉

    • Thanks very much, Debi, I thought when this creature did so much work at least I wanted to do some for the photo as well ie the top-reflections!
      Hope all is great, greetings, Ron

    • Thanks Louis, I guess this ´worm´ made it abstract, before it was merely a reflection in some orange cloured mud 😉
      Greetings, Ron.

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