Angry Chair

Angry Chair

(1/40, f3.5, iso-1600, 10mm)

 This is the old (wine) cellar in a friend´s house in Centenera in the Spanish Pyrenees.
The same place were Elvis was still going strong in this old post.

34 thoughts on “Angry Chair

  1. Wine is in parentheses. Does that mean it is not being used a such? Man if I had a cellar like this I would have it stocked full of the most expensive wine I could afford- which might be only $9.99 a bottle, but still….

    • Well, the whole house is in the process of being renovated; it was a ruin as we speak and yeah, theres a huge old wine barrel in the other room 😉
      And that price will give you some amazing wines in that part of the world I can tell you, my favorite actually doesnt cost more than 7 euros!
      Cheers, Ron.

  2. I really like the angle, it enhances the symbolism of anger.
    I also like the rough feeling in this one.

    Have a nice weekend, Ron!

    • Thank you, Malin, I tried to follow the light coming in from the top right corner which made me frame it like this, also ofcourse wanted the doorway to be an extra…
      Same to you (although i realize we´re one firther already ;)!

    • Thank you so much, Paula, so great to hear you took time to have a good (couple of) look(s), that is pretty special in the fast moving virtual world 😉
      Have a good weekend, Ron.

    • Thank you, Lisa, I just followed the light coming from the right top and thought it would make this scene more interesting!
      Have a great weekend and thanks so much for your enthousiasm and support, Ron.

    • Thanks very much, Ama, i had a feeling while shooting the chair coming from the corner would improve the light angle and the look ´further´ into the cellar.
      Nice to hear you enjoyed it, greetings, Ron.

  3. One intriguing aspect of viewing your work is my Where’s Waldo expectation as I hunt, that the object inside the mysterious rich scene will register in me and I find, always, some familiar form in a unique light, at a peculiar slant, welcome to the heart. You have, I believe, the eyes of child, which fall on the commonplace, revealed as a suddenly opened treasure chest. Well done.

    • Hi Barbara, great description of how you look at my photos; I suppose there is so much going on and still I hope there´s a certain kind of focus on the main subject, ofcourse the title gives away what my main focus was, but I love to add the light coming from different angles, especially in these old houses without windows where light comes from all angles. I have the feeling that through my passion for photography i started to look at things like a child again, like its the first time you see anything in the scene thats in front of me. Makes me appreciate just being and viewing things more excitingly too!
      Thanks for your great examining and articulating, hugs, Ron.

      • You’re welcome, Ron. Hugs back.
        You have a unique view of the world and what intrigues you, and it’s never just the image but your love of a rare spot of color, and as you have said, the odd angle of light. Always interesting to see your work.

    • Thank you so much, Noelle, very kind of you to take time out to comment here. Glad you like this ´different´ perspective!
      Have a great weekend, Ron.

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